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My AR.Drone isn't flying to the right height

The software on your tablet is designed to limit the height of your drone to 2 meters. If the drone is flying much higher or lower than it is commanded to, there are two possible solutions

1) Have you updated your tablet lately? We regularly release software updates designed to get the best performance from all of the robots. Follow these instructions to update your tablet, check #2, and try again!

2) The AR.Drone uses an ultrasonic sensor in its base to check its height with echoes. The mat that came in your BOX is designed to provide a good, reflective surface for the drone to monitor -- make sure you always launch your AR.Drone from the RobotsLAB base mat. Additionally, if there are lots of objects clustered around the mat (like desks or chairs), they can reflect the high-frequency echo the drone checks its height with. When the drone gets multiple echoes, it gets confused and isn't sure which one is the true ground level; then it starts flying higher than you wanted it to. The solution here is easy -- make sure to clear a good amount of space around the BOX mat before launching your drone. Three or four feet of free space on each side of the mat will be plenty of room to prevent those echoes!

If you're still having problems, please get in touch with us through email with your contact information and BOX serial number -- we're happy to help!

  • Oct 7, 2013 2:16:59 PM