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My ARDrone won't connect to my tablet

How to connect ARDRONE with your tablet:

   #1 Are we charged? Locate ARDrone’s battery (either in the Accessories Kit or inside the ARDrone under the Styrofoam sheath), plug the battery into its charger, and the charger into an outlet. If the charger lights up green, your battery is fully charged. If you see a red light, your battery needs to be charged. Leave the battery plugged in for at least an hour, or until the charger turns green. Once ARDrone is fully charged, connect the battery to the robot, wait until the blades each move slightly and make a sound and then move on to step two.

  #2 Grab your tablet; from the tablet’s homescreen tap on the screen and drag/swipe to the left with your finger to reveal a second panel of apps. Click on the one labeled "Settings." 

    #3 In this new window, the left side of the screen will now have a menu bar; click on "Wi-Fi" (the first option) and adjust the slider to read “On.” 

   #4 The right side of the window will now have a panel titled "Wi-Fi." The column that appears under “Wi-Fi” will list all the devices your tablet can detect on WiFi, and below the name of the device you’ll see the status of the device (i.e. available, secured, connected, etc).

Wait a few moments so the tablet can search the area, and if you see an ARDrone listed under “Available” (instead of “Connected”), followed by a six digit serial number you can find inside the battery compartment of your drone, we’ve found the problem! Simply tap on your ARDrone’s icon, and click the “Connect” button. Give your tablet a few moments, and then the ARDrone should appear under Wi-Fi devices your tablet is connected to. 

If this didn’t work, we are happy to help you personally. Give us a call or email us.

  • Oct 7, 2013 2:24:15 PM