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Create a safe & healthy learning environment for your students and faculty with Whiz 


Colleges,  universities,  and schools,  must continuously innovate to differentiate themselves and attract and retain students year after year. Before the pandemic, the educational sector across the country had already invested in a wide variety of new solutions to enhance student's overall educational and social experience on campus.

These investments included improving campus safety, transportation, and emergency systems, designing more connected classrooms with smart technology, constructing green and high-design buildings, delivering elevated dining experiences, and much more. Some colleges had even forayed into the realm of robotics, trialing snack delivery robots on campus. 

Level Up Your Educational Health & Safety Innovation 

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many schools, daycare, libraries, museums, etc. to rapidly shift the focus on innovation towards supporting remote coursework that would enable students to continue learning despite lockdowns, quarantines, and rapidly evolving state and federal guidelines. Once just a tiny fraction of a college’s total course offerings, online and hybrid learning modes became commonplace overnight.

This required rapidly deploying new technologies, scaling existing online learning infrastructure to meet the sudden spike in demand, and training teachers and students to teach and learn in a new way. 

Now, as colleges, universities, and schools prepare for a return to normal, innovation continues to be a key priority. In the wake of the pandemic, the next wave of campus innovation will focus on improving educational health, and safety. Demonstrating your institution's innovation and commitment to health and safety will help students, teachers, and staff feel safer coming on campus every day. It will also give parents confidence in sending their children to school, encourage alumni to return to on-campus donation events and provide support for these initiatives, attract prospective students to visit, and later bring their tuition dollars.

Here, robotics will emerge as a key player, no longer confined to engineering labs and science fiction. There are different ways how whiz robot help campuses differentiate themselves, meet expectations for health and safety, rebuild confidence in on-campus experiences, and consistently enhance sustainability. 

  • Read UNICEF's key messages regarding COVID-19, what YOU can do to prevent it from spreading again:
    • Identify Sick students and staff before they enter
    • Educate, demonstrate positive hygiene practices
    • Clean and disinfect facilities
      approach the challenge




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Whiz robot help rebuild confidence in on-campus experiences, and consistently enhance sustainability. 

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Robots Enable Physical Distancing

Even as vaccinations roll out across the country, the need for physical distancing will remain until a sufficient portion of the population has been vaccinated to reach herd immunity.

Service and delivery robots make it easier for maintenance and service staff to maintain social distance and protect their health and safety. 

Increasing Faculty & Student Safety With A Data-Driven Clean

 Whiz is constantly gathering data as it cleans. This data, including the routes used to clean, when it was in use, where it cleaned, and how long it ran is stored in the cloud and can be accessed via Whiz Connect.

The data is available in near real-time, simplifying reporting such as ROI analysis.

Robots Are Your Mascot for Innovation

When you deploy robots on your campus, they instantly become your mascot for innovation: visible, marketable, and a concrete representation of all the behind-the-scenes you’ve made for health and safety already.

For example, students and faculty appreciate seeing Whiz at work, knowing it is there to help keep them safe and healthy--a visual reminder of your commitment to their wellbeing. 

Rebuild trust in your Ed experience.

Students and faculty have higher expectations for a safe learning environment. Students need a healthy space to focus on their studies, their parents need to feel confident in their child’s environment, and faculty and staff must be confident that your educational environment is a safe place to work. At the same time, you are working to differentiate your institution, enhance sustainability, and meet your financial demands and goals.

Whiz can help you reimagine today’s education spaces. By working frequently, consistently, and comprehensively, gives your indoor spaces like libraries, office buildings, hallways, and sports facilities a smarter, better clean. And, as it rolls around campus and smartly navigates around people, Whiz is your innovation mascot for your investments in health and safety.



Meet Whiz

 Whiz Standard

Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that’s completely reinventing commercial carpet cleaning. Using a trusted AI platform, it delivers a higher quality, more efficient clean - with proof of performance.


The agile robot avoids people and other unexpected obstacles while following human-taught routes. It cleans up to 15,000 square feet per charge and notifies operators when it’s done. With the Whiz Connect dashboard, users gain near-time visibility into when and where cleaning was performed. These usage metrics and other data analytics can improve cleaning efficiency over time and confirm cleanliness for all building occupants. Let your data demonstrate your commitment to a quality clean.

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Whiz Premium 

(includes dry-mist spray technology sanitation)




The Whiz Premium is autonomously driven, with a sensor-fitted camera that enables it to automatically avoid people and other obstacles in its path such as glass panels and walls. It is powered by a user-friendly OS that enables for easy assignment of cleaning routes and deployment. The sprayer will only be activated if Whiz is in operation, excessive use of chemicals. The sprayer uses dry mist technology that generates < 10-micron disinfection particles. The atomizing nozzle can be adjusted to target zone, surface, or ground bio-decontamination.


Smarter Cleaning, healthier spaces

Whiz, the commercial robot vacuum, is driving workplace leaders to rethink clean by gathering measurable proof of performance as it runs. In boosting cleaning efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness, this AI-driven automated cleaning solution supports healthier spaces for building occupants and safer work for cleaners.

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