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 Industry 4.0 and Beyond...



The fourth industrial revolution is here and RobotLAB has the tools to help your students enter the 21st-century workforce.4th Industrial revolution is about automation and integrated networks, which includes the use of devices and sensors that can collect data for data analytics. RobotLAB is here to provide solutions for anyone to follow on how to achieve Industry 4.0 or beyond


Higher education is all about preparing your students for their future. A huge part of this future will be the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions. No matter what industry your students are interested in, process automation will be a significant part. 

Give your students the gift of the skills needed in order to make the transition to the next stage in their lives. Let's talk about some of the tools to help get them there. 

KUKA_ REady2Educate

The KUKA Ready2_Educate Station is an all-in-one solution designed to teach the basics of robot technology and automation. It includes the KUKA KR4 Agilus robot arm with the latest KR C5 micro controller and smartPAD teach pendant. It is preconfigured for educational applications and a curriculum is also available.

European engineered Kuka Ready2Educate cart is the top of its class in every way. From repeatability to its available options (vision, PLC, and more) to its Kuka college offering there is no better learning tool available. 

Get hands-on with the Kuka Ready2Educate cart!

Kuka Vision
Dobot Starter Pack


DOBOT ecosystem boosts the automation environment, consisting of a wide range of end-effectors and other accessories. From suction tools to force sensors, our robot ecosystem serves the tastes of various educational needs.

DOBOT offers the best entry point in its class with DOBOT magician and its line of accessories. combine this tabletop robot arm with any combination of vision, conveyor belt and sliding rail options to challenge your students to not only build but program their very own assembly line. 

If you are looking for a more industrial offering then there is the DOBOT CR Series, again at the best entry point in its class. The DOBOT CR Series can be easily integrated with external platforms as well as having very impressive capabilities on its own.

Our software and technology makes the operation and management of the CR collaborative robot series intelligent and straightforward. It can accurately emulate human actions by demonstrating the path. No programming skills are required for that.


The Niryo Ned and Niryo Ned2  are a six-axis collaborative robots, based on open-source technologies.  Ned2 is more robust and has multiple improvements over its predecessor to allow users to go even further in learning collaborative robotics.
There are two very important features that set this table top arm apart from others:
  1. The Aforementioned fact that it is a 6 axis arm! this is game changing because it opens up so many new possibilities for students when programming the robotic arm.
  2. The NED 2 is also ROS compatible
Niryo Ned2-Conveyor0side-photo

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