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KUKA Robotic Arm For Research

KUKA Robotic Arm For Research

Robotics & Engineering

All-in-one Industry 4.0 Station for hands-on education in robotics designed for CTE Centers, Colleges and light Industry.

The Pro Version includes:

        • 1 KUKA KR4 Agilus Robotic Arm

        • 1 KUKA KR C4 Compact Controller

        • SmartPAD Control Panel

        • Solid Sheet Metal Cart

        • Operator Panel (incl. 1x Ethernet, 1x USB, 2x Input Turning Switches, 2x Output Signal Lamps)

        • KUKA USB Recovery Stick

        • KUKA System Software (KSS)

        • User Manual



Price: $ 59,990

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  • Main Features

    All-in-One Robotic Arm Station  

  • Educational value

    Engineering, Robotics, Manufacturing, Design, Computer Science, Technology

  • What’s in the box?

    1 KUKA KR4 Agilus Robotic Arm, 1 KUKA KR C4 Compact Controller, SmartPAD Control Panel, 1 Solid Sheet Metal Cart, 1 Operator Panel, 1 KUKA USB Recovery Stick

  • Mobile / stationary


  • Student to robot ratio

    1 robotic arm station per 1 to 10 students

  • Best for

    College, Industry

  • Grade Level


  • Curriculum

    Covering Robotics, Engineering, Science, Technology

  • Professional Development / Training

    Available as an option

KUKA ready2_educate

The KUKA Ready2_Educate Station is an all-in-one solution designed to teach the basics of robot technology and automation. It includes the KUKA KR4 Agilus robot arm with the latest KR C5 micro controller and smartPAD teach pendant. It is preconfigured for educational applications and a curriculum is also available. 

Benefits of the platform:

- Flexibility: versatile training application tailored to the KR4 AGILUS as well as a second application surface for individual tasks

- User-friendly: preconfigured and ready-to-use - including code examples and lesson plans.

- Comprehensive Package: includes gripper, cubes set, pen, paper holding frame and "hot wire" practice set

- Space-saving: clever design that can fit in any training room


What's included

1) KR 4 AGILUS: Stronger, faster, more agile. The KR 4 AGILUS delivers outstanding efficiency and cost-effectiveness with an interference-free design and optimum performance. With a payload capacity of 8.8lbs (4 kg) and a reach of 23.6" (600 mm), it combines top performance and maximum reach in an ultra-compact format. It performs a wide variety of tasks, such as handling and assembly in the electronics industry or in small automation cells. It works reliably and precisely even with the shortest cycle times.

Multi-functional applicability, flexible positioning and unbeatable reliability - the new KR 4 AGILUS pushes back the boundaries of technical feasibility in small robotics. Small and slim, but extremely strong and precise with an impressive top cycle time as fast as 0.4 sec. Whether handling, continuous-path motion or working with pinpoint accuracy, the KR 4 AGILUS simplifies the automation of compact and ultra-compact cells. Flexible in installation, highly precise in motion, economical in maintenance, the KR4 offers more possibilities.

With just one type of robot, your applications will sustainably reach new levels of performance and efficiency. For top performance throughout a temperature range from 0 to 55° C. Furthermore, the KR4 AGILUS features an internal media supply for air, power and data, facilitating the quick integration of peripherical equipment. As a robot of the latest generation, the KR4 AGILUS operates with the KR C5 micro, incorporating state-of-the-art control technology from KUKA in order to solve and control tasks more efficiently and intuitively. 

Maximum flexibility Compact, interference contour-free design, flexible mounting position and various interfaces for peripheral devices.

High reliability Particularly long service life and low service and maintenance requirements, e.g. thanks to fewer steps when replacing cables.

ESD protected The robot is protected as standard against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging and is thus equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.

Easy operation Control via KRC5 micro and operation via KUKA smartPAD.



2) KR C4 Compact Controller: The KR C4 concept is revolutionary. For the first time, Robot and Motion Control are seamlessly and interactively integrated with control processes for PLC, CNC and Safety. With simple and flexible robot programming via inline forms and new Spline motion programming, KR C4-based automation solutions are superior in every way. Furthermore, the KR C4 features intelligent, flexible and scalable application potential. 

High-end PLC support The high-end SoftPLC option allows full access to the entire controller I / O system and has a high runtime performance. It allows the I / O handling of the robot, a complete robot cell or line of robots. In addition, variables such as axis positions or velocities can be read and processed via function blocks.

More performance in CNC machining The KUKA.CNC control option enables direct programming and operation of KUKA robots via G-code. It can process even the most complex programs from CAD / CAM systems and provides utmost accuracy due to CNC path planning. This hugely simplifies the integration of robots into an existing CNC environment. Thanks to the increasing number of robot-specific functions in upstream CAD / CAM systems, the robot can play a direct role in machining processes.

Fully integrated safety controller The KR C4 seamlessly integrates the complete safety controller into the control system without proprietary hardware. Safety functions and safety-oriented communication are implemented via Ethernet-based protocols. The safety concept uses multi-core technology and enables the dualchannel operation required for safety applications.

KR C4 Controller RobotLAB

3)  KUKA smartPAD: The KUKA smartPAD was designed to master even complex tasks easily. It can be deployed universally for all payload categories and is easy to handle thanks to its large touch display and ergonomic design. Intelligent, interactive dialogs provide the user with those opeartor control elements that are currently required. This makes work faster, more efficient and smarter all-round. 

Integrated Protectors

Integrated protectors offer the greatest possible protection in the event of falling. The scratch-resistant display and the IP 54 protection rating enable operation in harsh industrial environments.




Comfortable, relaxed handling. The new KUKA smartPAD features impressively pleasant handling. Straps and handgrips that can be used with both hands greatly simplify operator control. An optional shoulder strap enables work without tiring the operator - particularly during time-intensive projects.


State-of-the-art hardware. Thanks to the latest hardware, the KUKA smartPAD impresses with strong performance. Two easily accessible USB ports enable direct saving and loading of application programs and connection of other supported USB devices.


Simple robot jogging

Simple robot jogging with the ergonomic 6D mouse. It offers intuitive jogging and reorientation of the robot in three or six degrees of freedom.

Efficient operation

Efficient operation with brilliant, capacitive touch display. Inputs are made quickly and easily via the 8.4" screen.

Elements for ergonomic

Elements for ergonomic left and right-handed operation and a service flap for simple cable exchange round off the user-friendly design of the KUKA smartPAD.



Available Add-Ons

Kuka Vision

Application Package: Vision

Available for Ready2_Educate Pro Edition, the optional vision application comes in four different cell configurations. The package included a fix mounted third party camera, mounting bar and lens, unlimited offline programming licenses, as well as: 

- Additional Vacuum Gripper

- Alignment Station

- Cabling and Energy Supply

 - Calibration Plate

- Dropbox 

- Slider

Application Package : PLC

This package includes a Siemens PLC with a Christiani learning board, as well as: 

- License for TIA portal programming

- Seven (7) hardware digital IO's

Kuka PLC


4 Models available

  Ready2_Educate Pro Ready2_Educate Pro Vision Ready2_Educate Advanced Ready2_Educate Advanced Vision
Cell housing Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Electric components Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Application gripper Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Cubes Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
KR 4 application Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
PLC and touchscreen red-cross-png-red-cross-png-file-2000 red-cross-png-red-cross-png-file-2000 Check Mark Check Mark
Vision Kit red-cross-png-red-cross-png-file-2000 Check Mark red-cross-png-red-cross-png-file-2000 Check Mark


Curriculum available

Developed specifically for the Ready2_Educate solution, the three-level course covers everything from basic robotic operation to complex programming in KRL and engineering knowledge. The materials include: student workbooks for all three levels, lesson plans, quizzes, and an educator workbook with solutions and code examples.  

Available Documents

KUKA Robotic Arm For Research

Robotics & Engineering

Price: $59,990


KUKA Robotic Arm For Research

Robotics & Engineering

Price: $59,990