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- Robotics and AI in Long-Term Care

Assisted Living-Square

Date: Monday June 12th

Time: 4:00 PM CT (5:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM PST)

Platform: Virtual Link with
live attendee Q & A session at the end 

Recordings will be sent to all registered participants

Tech Meets Compassion - Robotics and AI in Long-Term Care

Join us for a dynamic and enlightening exploration of robotics in the realm of assisted living facilities. We will spotlight the transformative influence of innovative robots, like Pepper and CC1, in reshaping the senior care landscape.

Our panel of experts will unpack a diverse range of topics, from the practicalities of implementing robotics and the residents' reception of these technological companions to the far-reaching potential of robotics in enhancing the quality of life in assisted living facilities.

Drawing from real-world examples, we'll examine how robots can stimulate cognitive function, encourage interaction, and cultivate a sense of community. We'll also investigate the benefits that robotics bring to the workforce, relieving staff of certain pressures and allowing them to focus more on delivering personalized care.

Our panelists will share their experiences, triumphs, and hurdles, offering a wealth of insights for those keen on integrating this technology into their own facilities.

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Anissa Tealer – Executive Assistant, ETROS Management Firm

Anissa Tealer stands at the heart of ETROS Management Firm, a premier consulting agency specializing in senior housing and skilled nursing assets. With her years of experience as an executive assistant, Anissa has helped invigorate underperforming properties in both rural and urban markets across the country. Her keen insight into the consultancy landscape and investor perspectives make her an invaluable asset in our discussion about the transformative potential of robotics in senior care facilities.

Marcus Kubichek - Director, The Monarch Robot Program

Marcus Kubichek, the pioneering Director of The Monarch Robot Program at Monarch Healthcare Management, is revolutionizing long-term care and rehabilitation with the introduction of robotics. Boasting a rich background in direct resident support, Marcus brings both academic and practical expertise to our panel, with his current LGSW and ongoing pursuit of a LICSW. His deep-seated passion for the compassionate applications of technology in long-term care positions him as an industry trailblazer and thought-leader in our discourse.

Sara Buria, RN - Monarch's First Robot Specialist

Sara Buria, Monarch's inaugural Robot Specialist, brings a unique blend of healthcare expertise and technological acumen to the table. With a solid foundation as a Registered Nurse and years of hands-on experience in assisted care, Sara is well-versed in the complexities and opportunities presented by emerging technology in care facilities. Currently pursuing her PhD, her knowledge and practical understanding of integrating innovative technology into assisted living spaces offers invaluable insights for healthcare professionals, tech enthusiasts, and assisted living managers alike. Sara's unique perspective will illuminate the potential benefits and the practical challenges of implementing robotics in real-world healthcare settings, making her a critical voice in our panel discussion.

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