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Assisted Living Robots,

Do More With Less!


Robots are here to work side by side with humans, assisting them, not replacing them! Robots are designed to carry out mundane tasks and release humans to do what they do best: serve the residents. No matter if you are suffering from the labor shortage, want to improve your operational costs, or most importantly delight your residents, robots are here to help you!

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Finally, A Sustainable Solution For Labor Shortages

Robots are here to work side by side with the assisted living staff, assisting them, not replacing them.
Robots are designed to carry out mundane tasks, release humans to do what they do best: serve residents.

Have your staff focus on delighting customers and enhancing the satisfaction from their stay at the assisted living facility. Let the robots deliver meals and carry back dirty dishes, remind residents to drink, entertain them, and help with cleaning and sanitation.

The Robots Are Here To Help!

There is very little value for humans to haul plates around, push a vacuum-cleaner for hours or drive a floor scrubber for hours. Collaborative robots are designed to work seamlessly alongside humans. With Cobots, your team can unlock their maximum potential, which will translate directly to the bottom line! 

Robots in assisted living facilities provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate compliance and accountability to various stakeholders. The ability to demonstrate to authorities, residents and families that areas were cleaned, that water was offered, and that spaces were santized is a unique value proposition that puts the cherry on the top of the efficiency and cost-savings that robots bring to nursing homes.

Prove That Cleaning Was Done, Food Was Delivered

Water delivery report, per room:

Robot-Helpers At Your Service

Delivery/Service Robot


The reliable caddy.

Bella the robot is designed for water, mail, and meal delivery to residents rooms or tables. It can delivery up to four destinations in one run while announcing the tray number to residents. Bella is a versatile workhorse with a cat like interface residents can pet and play with.
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