Restaurant Robots

Cleaning robots, Delivery robots and more!
Robots are here to help with the labor shortage. Now you can add robotic table-service to your restaurant, in less than a day. Comfortable using a smartphone, or a tablet? You’ll master automated food delivery in no time!
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Delivery Robots For Restaurants

Bring Automation, Business Efficiency, And Real Value To Your Customers! Have your staff focus on delighting customers, upselling daily specials, side dishes, wines and desserts. Every round-trip they make to-, and from- the kitchen is a lost opportunity for interaction with customers at a table.

Host Robots for Restaurants

Impress Your Guests Like Never Before! Introducing a powerful new business tool that makes it easy to: Impresses visitors, shares stories, entertain guests and more.

Cleaning Robots for Restaurants

Redefine cleaning with measurable proof of performance Boosting cleaning efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness, with AI-driven automated cleaning solution that supports healthier spaces for building occupants and safer work for cleaners