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6 Unexpected Benefits of Automated Cleaning Equipment

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Automated cleaning equipment offers some tremendous benefits to your labor force. After all, today’s solutions use artificial intelligence to independently complete simple facility cleaning tasks that would normally demand hours of manual labor. So tools such as autonomous robot vacuums and scrubbers can provide much-needed support to your staff. But what if they could do more than that? 

When leveraged appropriately, automated cleaning equipment is not just another tool in your toolbox. Instead, this equipment can drive a shift in your entire operational approach.

Below are just a few of the novel advantages that organizations can reap from deploying automated cleaning equipment within their facilities.

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Are Cleaning Robots Effective?

BY Shannon Flynn

SoftBank Robotics sells 10,000 units of its commercial vacuum cleaning robot

Cleaning robots can help you keep up with effective cleaning in large spaces. Many people wonder, “are cleaning robots effective?”. We certainly hear about robot vacuum cleaners and UV disinfection robots quite a bit today. What are the real pros and cons of cleaning robots, though? Business owners should know the answer before investing in their own cleaning robot.

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Hotel Cleanliness, Happier Guests, More Efficient Staff

SoftBank Is Selling a Roomba Competitor in the U.S. - Bloomberg

Exceed hotel cleanliness and overall guest satisfaction – that’s the goal. But for hotel managers, the challenge is often how

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6 Clean Air Solutions for Medical Office Cleaning


Adequate air filtration, combined with appropriate ventilation controls, is a crucial part of a layered approach to reducing the risks of spreading SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. As the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) explains, COVID-19 infection is primarily through exposure to respiratory droplets carrying the infectious virus. This typically happens through close contact, but can sometimes also be spread via airborne transmission under particular circumstances, the CDC states. That means a layered approach that includes surface cleaning disinfection, clean air solutions, and social distancing is essential to continue to reduce virus transmission.

However, Maureen Kozel, PE, and Robert Inman, senior mechanical engineers with engineering firm Progressive AE, explain that many older medical office buildings’ HVAC systems operate differently from the equipment found in commercial offices. This is because, until 2015, the International Mechanical Code did not reference ASHRAE Standard 170, Ventilation for Healthcare, and its higher demands for healthcare filtration.

Medical offices that are not able to make systemic equipment upgrades will need to identify medical office cleaning strategies that address indoor air quality in addition to surface disinfection best practices. Promoting these steps could also play a critical role in reversing the downward trend in inpatient visits being tracked by the American Medical Association.

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Top 5 Advantages of Using a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning the floor is always an annoying task and can be laborious and boring. Nowadays, in this fast-paced society, it is too time-consuming, as well. As a result, getting a robotic vacuum is a wonderful way for many people to get their hands off such chores and clean their homes without devoting as much time and energy to the task.

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