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How to Move Pepper Robot Around

Before moving Pepper around, make sure that:
1. The floor is flat, dry and there is no rug or a thick carper on the way that could cause the robot to fall.
2. There is at least 120 cm of free space around the robot.
3. You keep Pepper away from steps.

In order to move Pepper around you will need:
1. Put the Pepper robot into a Safe/Rest mode or turn it OFF.
In order to activate Peppers Safe Rest mode, 
double click the power button located on Pepper’s upper abdomen. 
Pepper will make a noise that sounds almost like a sigh—
and then will go into a resting position.

2. Release the wheel brakes by opening the charging port on the base.
3. Gently roll Pepper around by steering the robot 
using one hand on its shoulder and the other on the hip.
4. Once you're done, 
wake Pepper up by placing your hand over the head sensor.

After you've relocated the Pepper robot, make sure:
1. Pepper is not in direct sunlight.
2. Pepper is not near any radiator or a heat source.
3. Pepper is in indoors only.
4. Indoor temperature is between 5-35 Celsius or 41-95 Fahrenheit.
5. Indoor humidity range is between 20%-80% uncondensed.
6. No obstacles withing 2 meter radius.

  • Mar 24, 2022 3:06:48 PM