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Computer Science Teacher

at RobotLAB Walnut Creek

As an innovative teacher that has demonstrated interest in bringing new tools to your students, your experience and expertise are very valuable. RobotLAB is constantly improving and enriching its content to propose a more comprehensive learning environment with Engage! K12

This summer, starting mid-June, we are opening few paid summer positions, and we would like to invite you to apply. If you’re passionate about STEM , and 21st-century skills, and the use of robotics, you will find it energizing to join our innovative, award-winning and dynamic team and participate in the creation of the best content using the coolest robots.

 So, come, join us for the summer!

More about the job:  The position is based in our offices in Walnut Creek, CA. The focus is on Computer Science and STEM. You will work as an integral part of our product group, with a team of teachers, programmers, and educational specialists. 


  1. Experience teaching in the classroom is a must. We want the content to be relevant for classroom use.
  2. Experience in writing lesson plans.
  3. Enthusiastic about the use of technology to teach.
  4. You do not need to know robotics nor be a programmer for the position, you will work with programmers. However, you do need experience teaching programming; the content integrates computer science with various subjects.
  5. Courses for elementary, Middle and High school will be developed over the summer you need teaching experience in one or all of the above grades to apply. 

Apply for this job: STEM TEACHER