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Improving Behavioral Training Using a Robot Simulation

Improving Behavioral Therapy Training Using the NAO robot" with Ellie Kazemi


Dr. Ellie: So we've been doing some research where kids with self-injury for example, have to be across from the therapist who does these assessments. It's difficult to teach these assessments with real children, whereas the robot self-injures without real injury.

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RobotLAB had a successful training with Worthing High School from Houston, TX.

At RobotLAB, one of the things that we excite us the most is to visit young students and give them the opportunity to interact with our fantastic robots. This is when we feel truly fulfilled and satisfied with our efforts.

Recently, the Worthing High School in Houston, TX, was invited to San Francisco in order to enjoy a ground-breaking experience for its students. As we often do, we provide educational experiences with robots like NAO and Pepper. Our goal here is to discover how educational robots influence learning and students’ interest.

The robotics survey 2018 conducted on this occasion gave us valuable insights about this. As always, we are both pleased and surprised by the results

Worthing High School- Infographic

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Feature a Teacher: NAO is the perfect recruiter for our engineering program.


 Michael Martin is a teacher from Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, CA in the Engineering program. Two years ago, when the school was getting ready to start competing in the SkillsUSA Championships was the first-time he realized that NAO robot was the tool for his students. They saw that Humanoid Robotics was a contest, and they decided to get involved. 

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Feature a Teacher: Using NAO as a tool for learning and as an adventure program simulator.

Bob 3- Resize

Bob Barboza is an educator, STEM journalists, composer and founder of the Barboza Space Center STEM & STEAM fellowship Program and Kids Talk Radio Science.  He trains Jr. astronauts, engineers, and scientists for the "Occupy Mars Learning Adventures." His students and interns are learning robot and satellite design, building, and repair.  

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Feature a Teacher: NAO as an interactive tool to develop new Artificial Intelligence methodologies

Sam Thangiah is a Professor/ Director, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Lab at Slippery Rock University – Computer Science Department and he has been using the NAO Robot to read stories for K-1 students, interact with autistic children and develop implementation of AI methods in the robo. Due to the sensors and the capability of the robot to program with the API provided, Mr. Thangiah realized that NAO robot is the best tool for him.

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Feature a Teacher: NAO as an emotional robot for students

Mauro Colucci a Mechatronics teacher, and Maila Biaggi a English language teacher at Vocational School’G. Marcelli’- they have been using the NAO Robot for two years when the school was looking for an emotional robot completely programmable that could have a strong impact on the students. they met NAO Robot and since then, they realized it was the perfect tool for them.


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Feature a Teacher: NAO as a tool for fun and engaging project based-learning activities.

Tobe Roberts is an Educational Technologist at Bergen County Technical Schools, he has been using the NAO Robot to introduce a lesson, deliver exit ticket questions, create simulations with role play for the students utilizing the robot. Mr. Roberts created Pony Express simulation, Star Trek StarFleet Academy simulation for the topic of forms of Energy and NASA Space Flight simulation.

Tobe 4.jpg

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Feature a Teacher: NAO as a dancing tool to understand human-robot interaction. 

Amy LaViers is an Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and director of the RAD Lab a website of Robotics Automation and Dance (RAD). During her PhD Thesis she realized that Nao robot is the tool for her engaging for the public and researches alike.  

Amy 2.jpg

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Feature a Teacher:  NAO as a Programming Tool for Robotics Course

Nicholas Kosloski is a Technology Innovation Design and Engineering Teacher at Somers High School in Connecticut.  He has been using the Nao robot as a tool throughout the Programming Unit of a Robotics course.  There are many other tools he uses including VEX robotics.  This serves as the Humanoid section of the unit.


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