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The new version of NAO Robot V6 is here with upgraded features, new software and improved hardware! Want to know more? Click the video below! and read the transcript. 


Are you interested in having the NAO Robot V6? Ask for a Price Quote Request!

NAO V6 Educator Pack  NAO V6 Standard Edition


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Google launches over 100 AR tours for all to enjoy via its Expeditions app


The Google Expeditions app enables people to go on virtual tours of famous places around the world, using a smartphone in a virtual reality headset. However, Google just opened access to over a hundred augmented reality functions that were previously only reserved for students and teachers as part of the Google Expeditions AR Pioneer Program.

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Feature a Teacher: NAO as the perfect game-pal

Joanne Bechta Dugan is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Director of the Computer Engineering Programs at the University of Virginia She has being using the NAO Robot with her students and this is her story. 


Prof. Joanne realized that the NAO Robot is the best tool for her when she saw the robot dancing "Gangnam Style" at the 2014 ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) conference  and she watched the crowds gather around. 

Prof. Joanne uses the NAO robot in a grad course on Human-Robot interaction. Her students study the technical and social aspects of interactions between humans and robots as well as societal and ethical issues.  Professor Dugan developed the courses   half-lecture and half-lab. For her, a series of lab assignments allows the students to develop expertise in programming the robot to perform some task (usually a game) that requires interactions with a human. 

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Check these amazing sessions at ISTE 2018 June 24- 27, Chicago, 2018.

ISTE is the place where educator-tested strategies come together with proven resources for transforming learning and teaching. It’s also the place to get connected to the brightest minds in ed-tech, then network with them all year long. 

ISTE 2018

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RobotLAB won a 3 years contract with TIPS!

RobotLAB is proud to announce that TIPS  has awarded us a three year contract. As of June 2018. We are on their contractors list, which  provide discounted products to schools! The contract is for three years, ending in May 2021. 


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Feature a Teacher: NAO as a perfect STEAM ambassador to capture the interest of young students.

 Maureen Miller is the Director of Technology of the Winnetka Public Schools and she works this a NAO robot with her students. This is her story.

Miller 1

For Maureen, the first time she realized that NAO robot was the tool for her students was in May of 2016, her students were participating in a Tech and Learning Live conference in Chicago. The purpose of their visit was to demonstrate their robotics and coding progression for K-8 Maker-spaces.  “Next to us, the RobotLAB team had a NAO robot performing the "Thriller" dance. We knew then that NAO would be the perfect STEAM ambassador to capture the interest of our youngest students and the "reach" platform for our most advanced students” Miller said.

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Improving Behavioral Training Using a Robot Simulation

Improving Behavioral Therapy Training Using the NAO robot" with Ellie Kazemi


Dr. Ellie: So we've been doing some research where kids with self-injury for example, have to be across from the therapist who does these assessments. It's difficult to teach these assessments with real children, whereas the robot self-injures without real injury.

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RobotLAB had a successful training with Worthing High School from Houston, TX.

At RobotLAB, one of the things that we excite us the most is to visit young students and give them the opportunity to interact with our fantastic robots. This is when we feel truly fulfilled and satisfied with our efforts.

Recently, the Worthing High School in Houston, TX, was invited to San Francisco in order to enjoy a ground-breaking experience for its students. As we often do, we provide educational experiences with robots like NAO and Pepper. Our goal here is to discover how educational robots influence learning and students’ interest.

The robotics survey 2018 conducted on this occasion gave us valuable insights about this. As always, we are both pleased and surprised by the results

Worthing High School- Infographic

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Feature a Teacher: NAO is the perfect recruiter for our engineering program.


 Michael Martin is a teacher from Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, CA in the Engineering program. Two years ago, when the school was getting ready to start competing in the SkillsUSA Championships was the first-time he realized that NAO robot was the tool for his students. They saw that Humanoid Robotics was a contest, and they decided to get involved. 

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Feature a Teacher: Using NAO as a tool for learning and as an adventure program simulator.

Bob 3- Resize

Bob Barboza is an educator, STEM journalists, composer and founder of the Barboza Space Center STEM & STEAM fellowship Program and Kids Talk Radio Science.  He trains Jr. astronauts, engineers, and scientists for the "Occupy Mars Learning Adventures." His students and interns are learning robot and satellite design, building, and repair.  

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