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Why Robots are the Bridge for Remote Learning Gap

By Tiffany Harper

6. Teach trough robots

Artificial intelligence and machine learning play an important role in promoting remote learning in this era where many institutions are going digital. The growing implementation of technology in education is creating a remote learning gap amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robots can be used to allow geographically dispersed people to participate in important meetings and events. They are helping students to remain connected to their teachers or fellow students to ensure learning continuity. This blog reveals why robots are the bridge to the remote learning gap. 

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4 Tips to Make Virtual Learning Fun for Students


giovanni-gagliardi-fvT3t9iOaJI-unsplashImage Source: 

Virtual learning doesn’t have to be a headache—students can become engaged and absorb new information with a few key strategies.

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How To Use Virtual Reality To Motivate College Students

By Nancy Howard

billetto-editorial-3eAByt3-eOw-unsplash-1Image source: 

VR and AR technologies have been around for a while now and are being used in many different industries. One of the spheres to adopt Virtual Reality is education – and for the right reasons. Both in theory and in practice, VR has proven its worth in improving learning experiences in a number of ways.

Particularly, VR can be used to motivate college students and encourage them to become more engaged and successful learners. Yet, not every educator is well-acquainted with this type of tech, so here’s how to use virtual reality in the classroom to increase motivation.

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VR Expeditions 2.0 Helps Schools Recoup Investments in Lenovo Mirage Solo after Google Abandoned Daydream Platform

RobotLAB steps in after Google abandons popular virtual field trip application

VR Lenovo

RobotLAB Inc. (RobotLAB) the leading educational robotics company, is coming to the rescue of educators and students left stranded when Google abandoned the Daydream platform and discontinued the Expeditions app that allowed educators to take students on virtual field trips using Lenovo Mirage Solo virtual reality (VR) headsets.

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Comparison of Pepper's OS versions


RobotLAB offers two versions of Pepper the robot: Pepper Premium and Pepper Premium+Nav. Learn the differences between the two versions, and educate yourself on the best Pepper for your use case!

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Tips for Increasing STEM Student Enrollment on Your Campus

By Maliha Safiullah

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Most schools rely on tuition fees and state support to run their business and pin their hope on getting a high number of enrollments all year round. In order to sustain fast-growing student enrollments, it is essential to retain previous pupils while inviting new students on board. Improved student enrollment strategies need a highly coordinated effort integrated with the latest digital approaches.

Here are seven highly regarded and helpful tips to boost STEM campus’s retention and enrollments:

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