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Academic Partnership Program

 RobotLAB works with schools to support the integration of technology into teaching and learning. Our award-winning STEM and Coding program helps schools bring excellence and innovation in their curriculum for all K-12 students. We do this by providing a range of high-quality, specifically targeted programs and services. 

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Our partnership package includes:
Logo-3 Workshops for Teachers: RobotLAB offers a series of ongoing professional development sessions throughout a year. Our PD workshops are organized as strands that can be implemented over several workshops or can be a stand-alone workshop. PD strands include training on the use of the equipment and methodologies on how to incorporate classroom technologies into instruction.

Logo-3 Field Trip for Students: RobotLAB welcomes students to RobotLAB headquarters in San Francisco for a 2-day experience with robots. This is a unique opportunity to have them discover and use the most advanced educational platforms. Our Students’ training is a 2-day course that guarantees them an inspiring, immersive and standards-based scientific learning with our team of professionals.

Logo-3 Student Internship: RobotLAB offers schools a 1-week internship intensive for high achieving students. During this unique experience, students will be able to interact with professionals and familiarize themselves with working with robots.

Logo-3 Access to our Learning Management Platform: The RobotLAB Learning Management Platform enhance the academic curriculum with a wide range of themed-based lesson plans and activities that make the learning more fun, engaging and inspiring for students. It also helps educators get more comfortable in using the technology with a user-friendly, step-by-step user guide that combines instructions and tutorials.

Logo-3 Get the best equipment at the right price: The RobotLAB Excellence Program gives schools access to our entire products catalog at a discounted price. That way, you’re sure to get the best equipment at the best price.