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Terms & Conditions for pepper

Know what you agree to


  1. Manufacturer’s Terms and Conditions apply for every robot.
  2. The robots are for customer use only, not for retail or reselling purposes.
  3. Sales are final and no Returns will be accepted.
  4. In a case of a need to ship the robot for repair under warranty, the shipping cost will be entirely covered by the buyer. Thus, the customer should pay the shipping to RobotLAB office and the shipping back to his facility.
  5. The customer is not allowed to make any modifications on the robot’s hardware.
  6. Opening the robot’s shell will void the warranty.
  7. All Prices are before any applicable tax. (Import tax, Sales tax, VAT, Tariffs or any other government-issued tax)




  1. Training, if purchased, will be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advanced directly with RobotsLAB representative at training@RobotsLAB.com
  2. The training is provided online or on the customer premises.
  3. The customer has to provide a room with a projector, so the course teacher will be able to easily share his screen with the group
  4. On site training schedule – 1 or 2 full working days. From 9am to 5pm.
  5. Training includes hotel and other travel costs.
  6. During the training, RobotsLAB will provide code samples and other related materials.



Applicable law:


This agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of California. RobotsLAB Inc. and the Client both accept the exclusive jurisdiction of Californian courts. Any dispute regarding this agreement will be settled by the relevant courts of the state of California.