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4 Ways to Use Technology to Personalize Learning for Your Students

Personalized learning is the perfect blend of allowing teachers to teach in a way that students learn best, and allowing students to take some control over their classroom experience. Using technology in the classroom is almost a must, so why not let it help create a personalized learning environment? This, however, means much more than just allowing iPads, laptops, and other devices in the classroom. Here are four ways to use technology to personalize learning.

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How to Connect With RobotLAB at ISTE 2016

It's hard to believe that ISTE 2016 is just a few days away! As always, we are very exited to be a part of the event, and hope to see everyone get a chance to test-drive the NAO robot. 

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Educators Come up Big at the First MakerBot STEAM Makeathon in NYC

The first summer STEAM Makeathon was a resounding success! Hosted at our Brooklyn headquarters, our Makeathon gathered educators from all levels for two fun-filled days of collaboration and learning. Attendees had free access to both Spheros and Ozobots, enjoyed a SOLIDWORKS breakout session, and walked away with their own 3D printing project for the classroom.

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RobotLAB Wins Best Retail Tech Award At Globalshop 2016

RobotLab spent the last three days (March 23-25, 2016) in Las Vegas demonstrating to guests and attendees at the annual GlobalShop Conference (the nation’s largest store design and at-retail marketing show) how robots and artificial intelligence can make a profound difference in the retail environment: particularly in those boutiques, shops and stores called--at least since the arrival of the Internet-- brick and mortar stores.

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