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4 Ways to Use Technology to Personalize Learning for Your Students

4286834503_a7bda91abc.jpgPersonalized learning is the perfect blend of allowing teachers to teach in a way that students learn best, and allowing students to take some control over their classroom experience. Using technology in the classroom is almost a must, so why not let it help create a personalized learning environment? This, however, means much more than just allowing iPads, laptops, and other devices in the classroom. Here are four ways to use technology to personalize learning.


Use Student Blogs

Providing a safe intranet for student blogs is a great way to help students take ownership of some aspects of their learning. Students tend to improve their writing, reading, and even retention through regular blogging, and parents and teachers are able to use the content in the blogs to tailor their approach to teaching the student. 


Use Classroom Social Networks

There are several sites and apps available for setting up a social network for your classroom. This becomes a safe place for teachers, parents, and students to discuss assignment, school activities, grades,a nd more, without sending children out into the world wide web. It is also a great way to introduce them to best practices and responsible social media use for later in life.


Use Online Forms

Google Forms, JotForm, Cognito Forms, and more offer online forms for free, and these can be used in many ways by educators. Forma can be used to gather parent information on parent nights, to record information on students during meetngs, and even to get some information and feedback from the students themselves - to help tailor your approach. Forms can also be used as interactive tests and quizzes, by creating questions with multiple answers, you can then format what happens when the student answers correctly or incorrectly.



Ok, so we couldn't help ourselves here. But after hearing so many stories on how different educators are using NAO and other robots in their class, we've found there are hundreds of ways to use them to personalize student learning.

For example, several schools have begun using NAO to help children with autism learn speach and social skills, and even begin introducing them to programming! Others are using NAO to teach students STEM skills, creative writing, teamwork, and more. By having a tool they love, students have been shown to take more personal responsibility for their own learning and progress.

Do you use tech tools to personalize learning in YOUR classroom? We'd love to hear about them in the comments section below!




  • Sep 22, 2016 3:53:54 AM

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