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A Step To The Future

AI LAB for higher education is a turnkey solution designed to allow students to practice and master artificial intelligence using different technologies. Most people think of Artificial Intelligence as a program that lives on a computer, but, with the help of you and your students AI will be woven into the fabric of everyday life.



AI Labs are designed to make the life of the educator easier and enrich the lives of students and researchers alike.

What Is AI LAB?

RobotLAB provides a turnkey solution in which everything is provided for you from lessons to integrate into your curriculum to equipment, training, and even the furniture and computers. Not only are we a turnkey solution but every lab is unique to the needs and budget of every partner in education (that’s you!) and we cannot wait to learn more about your needs and wants are.

Curriculum Overview For AI Lab In Higher Education

How Do I Choose The Right AI LAB?

We will work with you every step of the way to make sure your educational goals are met.
You can either choose from pre-configured labs or fully customize your own.

Intro to Artificial Intelligence lab was designed as an introduction-level, fully functional lab out of the box.
The goal of this lab is to expose students to basic concepts in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Science.
Practicing Artificial Intelligence lab was designed as the next step in practicing with a hands on experience the concepts with everyday real-life applications.
Mastering Artificial intelligence lab was designed as state of the art innovative research lab for creating the next generation applications.

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Mastering AI
Developing the next-gen Artificial Intelligence
Designed to enable research and development of world-class, breakthrough, Artificial Intelligent applications

AI-Stations Included in this bundle:

Intelligent Autonomous Agents
Smart Warehouse
Tele Operation
Human-Robot Interaction
Smart Farming

Cognitive Chatbot
AI-Enabled Full-Size Humanoid Robot

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The rich selection of AI Stations allows you to configure an AI LAB that matches your needs. 


AI Stations

We offer multiple options including product or curriculum-only all the way to complete deployment, including furniture, networking and backup equipment..

Training and support for teachers is always included, regardless of the package size.

Curriculum Overview For AI Lab In Higher Education

Some of our partners:

SoftBank Robotics
Google Expeditions
Furhat Robotics
Rethink robotics

The AI LAB by RobotLAB is the next generation of learning and research centers.

It converts individual concepts well as real-life experiences, which put artificial intelligence in the center of learning. Students will be immersed in cutting edge technology and can apply the lessons they learn to field specific experiences. For example, a Marine Biology Major will learn about programming with ROS and then work with an engineering major to manufacturer a end effector for an underwater drone that will give you real time data about what is underneath the waters surface as well as many other possibilities.

Whether you want a modular research space set up for grad students, professors, and PHD candidates, a subject specific lab like a SMART Warehouse or SMART Farming lab to facilitate a class, or a learning space set up for an undergrad AI course these are things that RobotLAB will help you accomplish. You let us know what you need and RobotLAB helps you execute in a fun and intuitive way! Reach out today to schedule a free consultation and let us know what how we can help you accomplish your goals!


The AI LAB is designed to enable students to rotate between the AI Stations, exposing them to multiple disciplines and various scenarios where artificial intelligence takes control of our lives. This gives the students an unparalleled and rich experience to ensure that they are ready for their careers, college, and life-in-the-2030s.

It includes all instructional materials, apparatus, software, and equipment necessary to accommodate a class size of your choice. It’s a complete system of integrated materials, furnishings, and curricula that provides a platform for the investigation of AI / STEM principles and practices through an integrated series of real-life context-based technological learning experiences using robots.


Example of AI-Stations In The AI LAB


Students will learn principles of how AI can assist with warehouse
automation, sorting and stacking, visual sensing, assembly lines, process automation and optimization, data analysis and collaborative robotics, and more!

This station can contain a combination of robotic arms, automation accessories like conveyors or sliding rails, vision KIT, different software options, PLC, and more! The goal of this station is to educate the students on how AI plays a role in the 4th industrial revolution and get a hands on experience through the variety of tools made available by RobotLAB

What's included?  -Robot arms
-    Sliding rails
-    Conveyor belts
-    Vision kits
-    Software
-    PLC’s
-    1-year warranty
-    RobotLAB support

Industry 4.0 -AI LAB



The Humanoid Robotics station will teach students principles of how AI can assist with multi-agent systems, learning transfer, task decomposition, reinforced learning, ad hoc autonomous agent teams, machine learning, robot vision, coding with  python and other programming languages, chatbots,  bipedal robotics, and

The goal of this station is to teach students how humanoids can come in different shapes and sizes as well as the advantages of each body shape (bipedal vs. on wheels for example). Furthermore it shows how to use these robots in a constructive way playing to the strengths that the robot’s humanoid form brings.

What's included? - Humanoid robots
-    Software
-    Development support
-    1-year warranty
-    RobotLAB support

pepper school-1


Teaches AI in the form of chatbots providing intro platforms like Google Dialog Flow, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and IBM Watson. It shows how chatbots can influence interaction when presented in different forms, such as interacting with Siri on your phone as opposed  to interacting with  a social robot like Furhat.

The HRI station will prepare your students for careers 
in psychology, robot assisted therapy, research, human resources or business administration, chatbot architecture, and more!

What's included? -  Humanoid robots
-    AIO computers
-    Development support
-    Software
-    1-year warranty
-    RobotLAB support



The underwater robotics station shows how AI can be implemented not only in your lab but beneath the surface as well. The underwater robotics station will teach computer vision, underwater navigation, localization, buoyancy, high stability, inertia, hull  resistance, efficient  propulsion, torque,  collaborative robotics, and more! 

The underwater robotics station will prepare students to go into careers such as marine biology, logistics, search and rescue, research, aquaculture, water & energy, and more!

What's included? -Aquatic robot
-    Sensors
-    Gripper
-    Development support
-    1-year warranty
-    RobotLAB support


Blueye X3 underwater-1


This station shows how AI can be implemented on mobile platforms. This station will cover robot vision, localization, inertia, torque, collaborative robotics, SMART farming, SMART warehouse, industrial robotics, rapid secondary development,  SMART transportation, off road mobility, autonomous  navigation, and limitless other  possibilities.

This station will prepare your students for careers in SMART warehouse, SMART farming, industrial automation, search and rescue, oil, power, and other manufacturing environments.

What's included?  -Your choice of autonomous mobile platform
-    Sensors
-    COBOT
-    Choice of end-effectors
-    Vision package
-    Development support
-    1-year warranty
-    RobotLAB support

Agile X with students-1


This station will cover robot vision, localization, inertia, torque, collaborative robotics, SMART farming, industrial robotics, rapid secondary development, SMART transportation, off road mobility, autonomous navigation, what are the advantages of quadrupeds and other possibilities

This station will prepare your students for careers in search and rescue, manufacturing, robotics, engineering, science, construction, logistics, and more!

What's included?  -Your choice of quadruped robot
-    Sensors
-    COBOT
-    Choice of end-effectors
-    Software
-    Development support
-    1-year warranty
-    RobotLAB support


Full Customization

Choose the right configuration for you! We understand that each project is unique and we will tailor the AI LAB to your needs. Our Specialists can accommodate your situation based on available space, the number of students, and budget. We have done many different types of labs across the globe, both for learning as well as research and development.

No matter where you are, we will come to you and provide a state of the art modular learning environment. Just tell us about your focus area and we will customize a solution based on more than a decade of expertise in the integration of robotic technology in education.


Works With Every Budget

Our Specialists can accommodate your constraints such as available space, number of students and available funding.

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Let our team make your dream a reality!

We ship AI LABs globally, and our team will be there, on-site, to install configure the deploy the lab.

Once ready, we will invite your team on a comprehensive training session that will ensure everyone involved is ready to teach with the great AI tools you purchased.






Saint Leo University, one of the top ranked nonprofit universities in Florida, in partnership with RobotLAB, the leading educational robotics company, partnered to build an artificial intelligence and robotics lab on its residential campus in Pasco County, FL. 

Dr. Derek Mohammad, dean of Saint Leo University’s School of Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Data Science, is looking forward to the launch of the new Bachelor of Science program in Robotics and AI for which this lab is an essential component.

“We are pleased to introduce a new robotics lab for students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in robotics and artificial intelligence,” said Mohammed. “Equipped with robots of all kinds and computers, the lab will provide students with the hands-on experience they need to prepare for careers in this high-demand and growing field.”

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