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For over a decade, RobotLAB is leading the Educational and Research Robotics market with an innovative approach that makes Robotics truly useful in the hands of researchers. Our passionate team will guide you from point A to Z and beyond. Choose your area of interest below, and discover groundbreaking products to kick your institute into the 21st century.


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A Step Beyond STEM

STEM is for today, AI-LAB is for tomorrow!

Research In The Age of AI.

Our main job as researchers is to prepare our students for the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already transformed our lives drastically. From car manufacturing and medicine search, to autonomous driving, sports game highlights, and hotel descriptions - all are automated, AI enabled, computer-generated texts these days.

Learn How AI Lab can bring the most cutting-edge technologies to your research lab, helping you prepare students for their careers and college in the 2030s!



Your lab deserves the most cutting-edge technologies

AI, robotics, computer programming, among others are catalyzing the creation of new majors, minors, and certificate programs in colleges and universities, 65% of students today will ultimately end up working in completely new jobs that don’t yet exist.  RobotLAB through hands-on experience and the right tools, is anticipating and preparing higher ed students to master the future skills requirements, along with supporting researchers in their constant boundary-pushing research.



Take Your Research Out To The Real World

Research Real World Scenarios

Mobile robots are changing how people move about, grow their food, respond to disasters, deliver goods and services and interact with the world around us. From employing biologically inspired robots, to solving problems in navigation, collaboration, and processing sensor data, mobile robots are the pinnacle of robotics research