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For over a decade, RobotLAB is leading the Educational Robotics market with an innovative approach that makes Robotics and VR truly useful in the hands of educators. Our passionate team will guide you from point A to Z and beyond. Choose your area of interest below, and discover groundbreaking products to kick your institute into the 21st century.


Elementary, Middle & High Schools


Artificial Intelligence, A Step Beyond STEM!

VR Expeditions Odyssey

In-Class Virtual Field Trips


A Step Beyond STEM

STEM is for today, AI-LAB is for tomorrow!

Education In The Age of AI.

Our main job as education professionals is to prepare our students for the future. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already transformed our lives drastically. From car manufacturing and medicine search, to autonomous driving, sports game highlights, and hotel descriptions - all are automated, AI enabled, computer-generated texts these days.

Learn How you can prepare your students for their career and college in the 2030s!




ELEMENTARY, Middle & HIGH schools

K12 students will graduate into a workforce that’s rife with technology in an era where robots and AI will become widely used in our everyday lives. RobotLAB is committed to bringing this technology to the students and enhance their experience with tools that truly bring learning to life.  Discover more by searching for lesson-plans for any subject, any age group and any robot.

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Expeditions 2.0®

In-Class Virtual Field Trips

Educational Field Trips, Unlike Any Other

We live in a wonderful, beautiful, magnificent world. It is history- and culture-rich, diverse, and awe-inspiring. Bring it all to your students, take them places, lead their way, and excite their discovery and path-finding. All without leaving the classroom!



Autism proffesionals & special ED school

Robots are the best social companions for children with special needs, tools such as visual learning and social skills aim to control the environment and reduced the anxiety that cause children with special needs the interaction with others. RobotLAB offer a variety of robots that can improve the sensory stimuli from the students becoming social mediators or facilitators, improving the learning skills that students need.  Discover more by searching for lesson-plans for any subject, any age group and any robot.


Virus Fighting Robots

Keeping Schools Virus-Safe Is Not An Easy Feat

Follow UNICEF's guidance on how to keep your school virus free. Take action and join the schools that have moved forward and deployed robots to stop the pandemic, and make sure it won't come back!

Dr. Fauci warned  that this virus could possibly become a reoccurring illness. Even when this wave is over, viruses won't. Take action now and keep your community safe and healthy.