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Unveiling the Future of Dining: RobotLAB's Recap of the Bar and Restaurant Expo 2024


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At RobotLAB, we believe in the perfect blend of good food and good tech, and the Bar and Restaurant Expo was the ideal stage to showcase just that. From Alaskan Leader Seafood's amazing cod to innovative tech like Go Tab's voice-activated POS system and Guitar Center AV Solutions' flashy DJ stand, the expo was a hub of inspiration and innovation for restaurant operators.

Our booth at the expo was strategically placed in a large opening, impossible to miss, and attracted a lot of attention. One of the stars of our booth was our cooking robot, Chefbot, which turned heads and sparked conversations. Chefbot was a hit, running smoothly, turning fried rice, and plating food with precision.


Pepper the robot, with its charming and friendly demeanor, drew people in, leading them to discover Chefbot and our other innovative solutions. Avatar, with its generative chat abilities and human-like persona, engaged tech-forward minds, recommending new dishes and interacting in a natural, conversational manner.


One of the highlights of the expo was the funny moments we shared with attendees and our robots. People enjoyed testing our robots' obstacle avoidance abilities, jumping in front of them to see their reactions. And, of course, the perennial question of whether Pepper is a girl or a guy led to some amusing interactions, especially after a few drink samples.

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Through our interactions with operators who already had robots, we learned that staff initially had reservations about working alongside robots, but quickly grew fond of the technology. Robots helped make their day easier, leading to increased tips and better customer service.


We were proud to be the only exhibitor with delivery and scrubbing robots, as well as the only featured exhibitor with an industrial cooking robot. Our solutions aim to make staff happier, save money, and provide the best customer service possible.


Our delivery robots, including LG CLOi Servebot, Servi +, Flashbot, and Kettybot, and Bellabot act as team multipliers, helping servers and increasing efficiency. Restaurants that adopt delivery robots often see an immediate increase in server tips.

Cleaning robots like Phantas and CC1 can scrub even the toughest grease, with automatic spot cleaning and live obstacle detection. They keep your floors clean 24/7, saving you time and effort.

Our customer service robots, including Pepper, Guidebot, Temi, and Avatar kiosk, can check in and out guests, book reservations, take phone calls, and make item recommendations. They enhance the dining experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Chefbot, our industrial cooking robot, is a co-bot that boosts kitchen staff productivity. It's just one example of how RobotLAB is revolutionizing the restaurant industry.



In addition to our robots, we provide SOPs for operators and an online LMS with instructional videos on operation, ensuring our customers have the education and tools they need for long-term success.

At RobotLAB, we're dedicated to shaping the future of dining with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. Join us in embracing the future of dining, where good food meets good tech.


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  • Mar 28, 2024 11:32:57 AM

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