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Feature a Teacher: Dash Robots as Coding tools in Nigeria

Olutade Ojelabi is a technologist that proposed the creation of the JT robotics club (currently in progress with registration with the cooperate affairs body in Nigeria). The purpose of the club is to partner with code learners and different schools in Nigeria to  teach coding with Dash Robots. This is his story! 


In August, 2019 Olutade decided that Dash robots were the best option to begin teaching coding to his students. He had the opportunity to sponsor a coding class at Phostine premium school, and after doing so, the students requested to have dash robots donated to their school.

"The students loved the creative art design and voice recognition and the easy coding programming these robots has"  he said.  In his lessons he interacted with the students and trained them on how to program the robot for projects lasting between 3 to 12 months. 


Olutade  noticed that by using the Dash robots, there has been a positive response from the students and the educational sector. "By using these robots, the IQ of the students tend to improve, and also motivate the kids to think big and enhance their interest in coding robots". he said. 

IMG-20191211-WA0015 IMG-20191211-WA0013


The excitement and positive response from the students while coding Dash robots   motivated Olutade to create the JT robotics club. He wants to start implementing coding in a fun and engaging way in different schools around the country and introduce robotics as one of the most important skills that students need to learn for their future career paths. 


What an awesome job Olutade! 


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