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Pepper Robot As a Host Tool for Guests to Learn about ACTC Career Pathways

Pepper -ACTC

Bryan Batcher is an AP Computer Science Instructor and Esports Coach at Anderson Districts 1 & 2 Career and Technology Center (ACTC) His current project is for guests to be able to learn about all of the career pathways offered at ACTC via the touchscreen from Pepper robot! In teams, his students take Pepper to other career instructors classrooms and they demonstrate the robot to teachers and students to find out ways that robots are used in their field. 

This is his story!

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Feature a Teacher: NAO robot as a great enhancement to Exploratory Robotics programs

Kelly Schuster-Paredes is a Computer Science and Technology Specialist from Pine Crest School. As part of the School’s strategic plan, the Educational Design team and computer science program had already been working with Pepper in the classroom. As the program expanded, the Educational Design team researched more robots and discovered NAO. Pine Crest purchased two NAO robots to integrate into their computer science program.

PinecrestPhotograph provided by Kelly Schuster

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Feature a Teacher: Using Cubelets to run STEM and Robotics After-School Workshops

Cubelets 1

Kasey Herzberg is the Executive Director of the Challenger Learning Center of Minnesota, a nonprofit working to bring a unique and powerful STEM education center to the state. Her mission is to build confidence in students in the areas of science, technology, and engineering, and to create a lifelong passion for these topics.

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VR Expeditions 2.0 as the Best Alternative for VR in the Classroom

Becky Csizmesia is a VILS Instructional Technology Coach at Henry Lord Community School - Fall River Public Schools. She has been using the VR Expeditions 2.0 kit with her students since the beginning of the school year! This is her story. 


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Feature a Teacher: Pepper Robot as a helper to People with Dementia

Xiaopeng Zhao is a professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville working in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering. Zhao and his students conduct research and develop projects focused on how Pepper Robot, along with AI and other information and communication technologies, can assist diagnosis, care, and rehab of people with dementia.

This is his amazing story! 

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Feature a Teacher: NAO Robot as a great RoboCup Participant.

Peter Stone is a Computer Science professor at the University of Texas at Austin and he has used his NAO robots for different projects and classes, such as the RoboCup competition. This is his story. 

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Hotel Potrero De Los Funes is the first hotel in Argentina to incorporate BellaBot as part of their restaurant staff!

Leonardo Agnesi, CEO of the Hotel Potrero de Los Funes in Argentina, has hired BellaBot, a robot for food delivery at the restaurant of the hotel. This makes it the first hotel in Argentina and Latin America to incorporate this type of technology. Here’s the story. 


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¡El Hotel Potrero De Los Funes es el primer hotel en Argentina en incorporar a BellaBot como parte de su personal de restaurante!

Leonardo Agnesi, CEO del Hotel Potrero de Los Funes en Argentina, ha contratado a BellaBot, un robot para la entrega de alimentos en el restaurante del hotel. Esto lo convierte en el primer hotel de Argentina y Latinoamérica en incorporar este tipo de tecnología. Aquí está la historia.


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Feature a Teacher: Dash Robots as Coding tools in Nigeria

Olutade Ojelabi is a technologist that proposed the creation of the JT robotics club (currently in progress with registration with the cooperate affairs body in Nigeria). The purpose of the club is to partner with code learners and different schools in Nigeria to  teach coding with Dash Robots. This is his story! 


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Pepper Robot as a Teaching Tool for Libraries.

Bob Kuntz  Director of Operations and Innovation and Jennifer Bishop Online Services and Emerging Technologies Supervisor at Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) are using Pepper Robot as a teaching tool. Through Pepper Robot, they are introducing the community to practical applications for robots as well as showing them an engaging way to teach coding to youth and adults. Bob and Jennifer shared with RobotLAB the positive experience of having Pepper in the library. These are their thoughts. 

Pepper 1 Pepper 2-1

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