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Feature a Teacher:  NAO as a Programming Tool for Robotics Course

Nicholas Kosloski is a Technology Innovation Design and Engineering Teacher at Somers High School in Connecticut.  He has been using the Nao robot as a tool throughout the Programming Unit of a Robotics course.  There are many other tools he uses including VEX robotics.  This serves as the Humanoid section of the unit.


To Mr. Kosloski, what students most love about Nao is that they can see instantly how well their programming has worked. Students also love seeing the human-like features of the robot. The best way to program NAO is in groups of two, performing a series of modules where each group works through the NAO robot curriculum. –Each module takes one to two 45 minute class periods, then students answer the questions at the end of each module for credit.  Mr. Kosloski usually does a project in one day, with the students rotating through modules. 

 2-1.jpgThe impact that Mr. Kosloski has noticed in the community and throughout the District is that students enjoy working with and seeing the NAO robot. They even named it "Spartan” after the school mascot. And they truly enjoy programing him. 

Finally, Mr. Kosloski mentioned that NAO has not yet been introduced to the whole school community. However, they have used it during some parent teacher conferences and during school open houses. The parents are amazed at the technology being used in today’s educational environment.

Curious to see how NAO could be used in your classroom or district?

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  • Dec 4, 2017 2:49:01 PM

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