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Feature a Teacher: NAO as a tool for fun and engaging project based-learning activities.

Tobe Roberts is an Educational Technologist at Bergen County Technical Schools, he has been using the NAO Robot to introduce a lesson, deliver exit ticket questions, create simulations with role play for the students utilizing the robot. Mr. Roberts created Pony Express simulation, Star Trek StarFleet Academy simulation for the topic of forms of Energy and NASA Space Flight simulation.

Tobe 4.jpg

The Role that NAO plays is helping Mr. Roberts and other teachers to design fun and engaging project-based learning activities. Mr. Roberts realized that NAO was the tool for him when the students became engaged and motivated to learn even more by listening to NAO, “He is a great instructional tool” and the projects last for 2 days or so with the robot.

To Mr. Roberts, students will retain information easier when delivered by NAO and will want the robot to help them learn for the next lesson. When music is included, they love it even more. Teachers will also find it easier to include NAO in select areas of their lesson planning.  “NAO is an off the scale cuteness factor that endears him/her to the student and teachers”

Tobe 1.jpg              Tobe 3.jpg









The number of lessons for his class with NAO robot has increased impacting in a positive way on the community. Teachers are sharing their projects with other teachers and the students are playing and learning more with NAO Robot. Mr. Roberts creates fun and engaging activities with NAO robot using role play for the school.

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Curious to see how NAO could be used in your classroom or district?

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  • Feb 22, 2018 2:59:34 PM

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