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Feature a Teacher: NAO robot as a great enhancement to Exploratory Robotics programs

Kelly Schuster-Paredes is a Computer Science and Technology Specialist from Pine Crest School. As part of the School’s strategic plan, the Educational Design team and computer science program had already been working with Pepper in the classroom. As the program expanded, the Educational Design team researched more robots and discovered NAO. Pine Crest purchased two NAO robots to integrate into their computer science program.

PinecrestPhotograph provided by Kelly Schuster

Currently, Kelly’s students are learning how to program NAO using conditional statements so that NAO can have conversations. “This robot is remarkable. The complexities of NAO’s movements and the use of artificial intelligence skills really brings in a new perspective for students,” Kelly said.

The students are collaborating on a simple program for NAO to interact with prospective families coming on tours to Pine Crest. Each program takes  approximately three hours for the students to code. “Having the goal of programming NAO to interact with guests adds in unknown factors and really challenges the students to anticipate variables,” Kelly said.

Pinecrest3      Pinecrest 2

Photographs provided by Kelly Schuster

Kelly shared that NAO is a great enhancement to the School’s Exploratory Robotics program. It helps students have a better understanding of robots in real world scenarios. Students’ experience with NAO also prepares them for eventually tackling more complex challenges with Pepper.

“My students love the intricate moves that NAO can accomplish through their programs,” Kelly explained. “They also have fun interacting with NAO in its Autonomous Life mode because the program is well designed. There are a lot of phrases that they can use to program the bots. Two of their favorite features with NAO are its TaiChi and walking.”

That is very exciting, Kelly! We can't wait to see more great projects with your students and NAO!


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  • Dec 12, 2022 7:11:51 AM

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