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Pepper Robot As a Host Tool for Guests to Learn about ACTC Career Pathways

Pepper -ACTC

Bryan Batcher is an AP Computer Science Instructor and Esports Coach at Anderson Districts 1 & 2 Career and Technology Center (ACTC) His current project is for guests to be able to learn about all of the career pathways offered at ACTC via the touchscreen from Pepper robot! In teams, his students take Pepper to other career instructors classrooms and they demonstrate the robot to teachers and students to find out ways that robots are used in their field. 

This is his story!

Mister Batcher teams' also collect program info and pictures from the instructor to setup the info into Pepper and is accessed from the touchpad or by asking Pepper about the program.

As smaller more immediate projects come up, we deal with those. For example, students wrote a script for Pepper to start the opening ceremonies of a local robotics competition. They programmed her to do a demonstration at a local manufacturer, Borg Warner, to help them decide if they wanted to purchase a Pepper as well. These are just a couple of examples from many.  says mister Batcher

According with Mister Batcher on the the many educational impacts he has noticed, is that Pepper has helped improve student engagement and teamwork. As a result of our long-term project, Pepper has also helped students improve public speaking and soft skills.

        Pepper Robot ACTC 1    Pepper robot and students     Pepper Robot-ACTC-students

Pepper draws a crowd for sure! says Mister Batcher when we asked him about the impact on the community. We receive constant attention at events (well, Pepper does) and we regularly receive follow up via email with additional questions from people we meet. Our Pepper has also been in our local papers and social media a few times. 

Mister Batcher first realized that Pepper robot was the tool for him when the students began using it, and even more so when the students took the robot to the state manufacturing conference to show off their work...and Pepper of course.

What a wonderful story! We are so excited to see more projects from the school with Pepper Robot. 

Are you interested in Pepper Robot?

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  • Feb 23, 2023 7:47:49 AM

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