Pepper Robot


Robots as a teaching-aid tool

Bring STEM to life with PEPPER Robot, Hands-on learning platform to teach Science, Programming and Robotics

The pack includes:

  • 1 Pepper Robot with Charger & Battery
  • Unlimited Choregraphe Licenses
  • Full SDK and API
  • 2-year Warranty RobotLAB Start-up Instructions and Support
  • 1 Engage! K12 Site License for Pepper Robot for 3 years


Price: $30,000

In Stock

  • Main Features

    Fully-programmable humanoid robots for students ages 7 and up

  • Dimensions

    4 ft for Pepper

  • Sensors

    HD Cameras, tactile sensors, position sensors, microphones, force sensitive resistors, sonar

  • Programming Languages

    Drag&Drop, C++, Python, Java

  • Educational value

    Reading, Writing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Geometry, Programming

  • What’s in the box?

    1 Pepper robot, Unlimited Choregraphe Software Licenses, 1 Engage! K12 site license for 1 year and full SDK and API, 2-year Warranty

  • Mobile / stationary

    Mobile robot

  • Autonomy


  • Student to robot ratio

    1 robot per 10 students

  • Best for

    Schools, Colleges and Universities

  • Curriculum

    Covering robotics, programming, STEM and computer science

  • Professional Development / Training

    No training required – available as an option

  • Warranty

    2-year warranty


Today, PEPPER is with NAO one the leading humanoid robot being used in research and education worldwide.

Robotics is the fastest growing and most advanced technology used in education and research. The PEPPER humanoid robot is the ideal platform for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts at all levels.

By using the PEPPER platform, instructors and researchers stay current with major technical and commercial breakthroughs in programming and applied research. Using PEPPER guarantee students, the best possible career and college readiness!

Pepper was designed to make his interaction with human beings as natural and intuitive as possible.

Hearing and Speaking Interacting and interpreting emotions wouldn't be possible without the 4 directional microphones located on Pepper's head. They enable him to detect where sounds are coming from and locate your position, while also allowing him to identify the emotions transmitted by your voice.

Seeing Pepper is able to function in complex environments thanks to his 3D camera and 2 HD cameras that enable him to identify movements, and recognise the emotions on the faces of his interlocutors. If you are happy, Pepper will share your joy, and if you are sad, Pepper will comfort you.

Connection Connected directly to the internet, Pepper can keep you up to date with the latest news, the weather forecast, or even help you to find a recipe! Don't hesitate to chat with him on the subject of your choice.

Tablet Pepper uses his tablet to help you make choices, but also to express his own emotions.

Emotion engine By perceiving and analyzing your emotions, and learning to get to know you, Pepper is able to adapt his attitude to suit your own as closely as possible. This constant dialogue between perception, adaptation, learning and choice is the result of what is known as the emotion engine.

Control and balance Thanks to his anti-collision system, Pepper detects both people and obstacles in order to reduce the risk of unexpected collisions. Pepper is also able to maintain his balance, which stops him from falling if somebody knocks him over.

Movement and autonomy You will be amazed by the flexibility and fluidity of Pepper's movements! His 3 multi-directional wheels enable him to move around freely through 360°, at a maximum speed of 3 km/h. No less than 20 engines (head, arms, back) control his movements with great precision. Lastly, Pepper is equipped with a high capacity lithium-ion battery, giving him approximately 12 hours of autonomy.

High Definition vision Pepper is equipped with two high-resolution cameras as well as a 3D camera enabling him to effectively understand his environment. The images are processed by shape recognition software capable of identifying faces and objects.

Interpreting emotions Pepper boasts the latest technology, which means he is able to identify your emotions by your voice as well as the expressions on your face. Pepper reacts accordingly and is delighted if you are happy, or does his best to comfort you if you are sad. In addition to faces, Pepper is also able to recognize people by their voices. Thanks to his 4 directional microphones and his loudspeakers, Pepper is able to locate the source of sounds and engage in conversation in response.

A network of sensors Pepper possesses numerous sensors: two ultrasound transmitters and receivers, six laser sensors and three obstacle detectors placed in his legs. These sensors provide him with information about the distance of nearby objects (a range of 3 meters), in addition to his three cameras (two RGB cameras and one 3D camera placed in his head). Another sensor within the battery indicates its level of charge as well as its temperature. Pepper also possesses tactile sensors in his hands, which are used when he is playing games or for social interaction.

Linked to the world For autonomous internet access, Pepper is equipped with wireless connectivity 802.11a/b/g/n.

Welcome to the community A community of developers in Japan and throughout the world is imagining and designing new content for Pepper. The library of applications for this new type of companion is growing and evolving every single day.

Specifications of Pepper robot

The advanced software package includes a full SDK and API in Java, C++, C# (.N et), Matlab, and Python. Every robot comes standard with Choregraphe, an award winning software that makes it easy to program the robot using a drag and drop interface which simplifies the programming for new and advanced users alike. The software package includes an advanced simulation software based on Webots.

Advantages to using Pepper for Students

  • Hands-on experience by connecting theory with practice to discover a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as computer science, mechanics, electronics or control.
  • Inspiring a high level of motivation & interest for engineer careers. For example: studying control to grasp objects or computing matrix or face detection to g et NAO moving become exciting projects
  • Fostering team work, project management, problem solving and communication skills.

Advantages to using Pepper for Educators

  • Projects or labs based approach for teaching core subjects: Reading, Writing, Trigonometry, Algebra ... as well as Robotics and Computer Science
  • Improvement of achievement & learning effectiveness
  • Increasing of female student enrollment and student engagement

Curriculum Included

We have a spectrum of fully developed lesson plans and activities for teachers of all types from grades 4 to 14 available on Engage! K12. Developed in conjunction with educators in the field, these classes have been tested and optimized to impart critical STEM lessons.

Click to watch the video about Pepper.


Robots as a teaching-aid tool

Price: $30,000

In Stock


Frequently Asked Questions About The Pepper Robot For Academic Edition

What languages are available for Pepper robot?

Pepper robot comes with two languages by default. The first language is always English, and the second language can be chosen by the user. Additional languages are available for purchase from RobotLAB The Pepper robot speaks and understands the following 21 supported languages:

LanguageLocaleDialog CodeNAOqi APIChoregrapheBasic Channel
Japanese ja_JPjpjsupportedsupportedsupported

* Partial supported- Activity launcher only.
Conversation feature of the basic channel is not supported

Where can I find manuals and instructions for Pepper robot?

The Pepper robot documentation, curriculum, SDK/API documentation, user manuals, packaging instructions, software download and code examples can be found using the following links:

What comes in the box with Pepper robot?

RobotLAB offers different kits with Pepper robot. Please check the table below to compare what is available for each of the kits:
Accessory Pepper Robot Academic Edition Pepper Robot for Research Pepper Robot for Libraries Pepper Robot Host Edition
1 Pepper Robot with Charger & BatteryIncludedIncluded IncludedIncluded
Unlimited Choregraphe LicensesIncluded IncludedIncludedIncluded
Full SDK and APIIncluded IncludedIncludedIncluded
2-year Warranty RobotLAB Start-up Instructions and SupportIncluded IncludedIncludedIncluded
1 Engage! K12 Site License for Pepper Robot for 3 yearsIncluded NOT includedNOT included NOT included
RobotLAB SoftwareNOT includedIncludedIncludedNOT included
API access and google DialogFlow NOT included NOT included NOT includedIncluded

What are the dimensions of Pepper robot?

Please see the table below for the dimensions of Pepper Robot:
Pepper Robot Pepper Robot Box Pepper Robot Transport Case
Height: 1.20 metres (4 ft) Depth: 425 millimetres (17 in) Width: 485 millimetres (19 in) 23" W x 23" D x 56" L 55” W x 24” D x 24” L
28 kilograms (62 lb) 80.00 LBS 180lbs

How long is the Pepper robot warranty?

The Pepper robot comes with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty that covers:
  • Defects and breakage.
  • Return shipping on a robot that the customer shipped to the repair lab in Boston.
  • Unlimited free software upgrades.

What software is required for Pepper robot?

Pepper robot comes with the following software:
  • Embedded software called NAOqi, which runs on the motherboard (located in the head of the robot) allowing autonomous behaviors.
  • Desktop software called Choregraphe, which runs on your computer allowing creation of new behaviors. It also allows you to control the robot remotely
  • The robot comes with SDK/ API in python, Java, C++ and Java Script. There are ROS extensions available for the Pepper robot as well.
All software packages support Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.

Can you ship a Pepper robot to my Country?

RobotLAB can ship worldwide. Please contact our sales team to see if we can ship to your country:

Do you offer discounts to teachers and schools for the Pepper robot?

Yes. RobotLAB has created multiple discounted packages exclusively available to:
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Libraries
  • Museums
These Packages add:
  • Curriculum
  • Professional development
  • Code samples
  • Online training
There are no additional costs to educators.

How long does it take to deliver a Pepper robot?

The time it takes to deliver a Pepper robot depends on your location. RobotLAB can arrange specific shipments if required. Please see the table below for generic and average delivery time estimates:
Pepper Shipping National Pepper shipping International
3 days 8 days

I’m having issues with my Pepper robot, what should I do?

If you are experiencing issues with your Pepper robot:

Is there any renewal fee for Pepper robot?

Please contact the RobotLAB support team for renewal fee inquiries:

What is the HS code for the Pepper robot?

The Pepper Robot is classified for customs under the following HS code: 902300010000
The HS code depends on the destination country. When shipping domestic US there's no need for HS codes.

Where can I find apps for Pepper robot?

Hundreds of apps for the Pepper robot are available on the STEMLAB platform:
Applications are available for:
  • Education
  • Dances
  • Math
  • Storytelling
Everyone can create a demo account online on STEM LAB: and get access to apps for the Pepper robot

Where can I find a curriculum for Pepper robot?

You can find different STEM lesson plans for Pepper robot on EngageK12 platform, an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses with different robots, including Pepper.
Lessons are available by age, subject and lesson plan. You can even create your own lesson plan by creating a free account Here

Which programming languages are supported for Pepper robot?

The Pepper robot can be programmed using several programming languages like:
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Choregraphe
  • and Java Script.
RobotLAB has a comparison chart that helps identify other programming languages for Pepper robot:

Where can I get training for Pepper robot?

RobotLAB provides:
  • An online training on the Pepper robot with every purchase.
  • Onsite professional development can be arranged for up to 10 attendees and is based on the level. This training can span one to two days.
The online training covers basic subjects to get you started such as:
  • Unpacking
  • Connecting to the robot
  • Basic programming.
The more advanced training can be customized to the customer needs and includes:
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++,
  • Cloud robotics
  • Java Script.
  • Google DialogFlow
Contact RobotLAB for a training:

What are the specs for Pepper robot?

Pepper robot is a humanoid robot designed with the ability to read emotions. Pepper is used for research and education purposes. Please see the table below to know the different specs for Pepper robot:
Dimensions: Height: 1.20 meters (4 ft) Depth: 425 millimeters (17 in) Width: 485 millimeters (19 in)
Weight: 28 kilograms (62 lb)
Battery: Lithium-ion battery Capacity: 30.0Ah/795Wh Operation time: approx. 12hrs (when used at shop)
Display: 10.1-inch touch display
Head: Mic x 4 RGB camera x 2.3D sensor x 1 Touch sensor x 3
Chest: Gyro sensor x 1
Hands: Touch sensor x 2
Locomoting: Sonar sensor x 2 Laser sensor x 6 Bumper sensor x 3 Gyro sensor x 1
Moving parts: Degrees of motion Head (2°) Shoulder (2° L&R) Elbow (2 rotations L&R) Wrist (1° L&R) Hand with 5 fingers (1° L&R) Hip (2°) Knee (1°) Base (3°)20 Motors
Platform: NAOqi OS
Networking: Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz/5GHz)Ethernet x1 (10/100/1000 base T)
Motion speed: Up to 3 kilometers per hour (2 mph)
Climbing: Up to 1.5 centimeters (0.6 in)

What is the voltage for Pepper robot?

The Pepper robot can be charged from any power outlet globally.
  • The charger supports 100/240 volts 50/60 Hz
  • The Battery pack for Pepper robot provides 29.4V

How can I get a demo with Pepper robot?

You can watch demos of Pepper Robot on our YouTube Channel:
Pepper Training Pepper curriculum

How can I buy the Pepper robot?

Pepper Robot can be purchased from RobotLAB using the following methods:
  • Purchased order from public entities (US only)
  • Using a credit card
  • Using a wire-transfer
  • Using a check
  • A trading and upgrade program is also available for current Pepper and NAO owners
Request for a price quote here:

How much does Pepper robot cost?

The cost of a Pepper robot can vary depending on customers’ needs. RobotLAB has created different kits. Please see the table below.
Kits Price
Pepper Robot Academic Edition $30,0000
Pepper Robot for Research $30,000
Pepper Robot for Libraries $30,000
Pepper Robot Host Edition $30,000

Which age group is Pepper robot best for?

Pepper robot caters to different ages groups, different needs and different capabilities:

  • Kindergarten: Kids can enjoy dances and interaction with the robot such as: speech, touch and sounds effects.
  • Elementary school: Introduction to computer science, basic programming using block-based interface, storytelling and introduction to robotics
  • Middle school: Python and block-based coding, computer science, robotics, algebra, and geometry.
  • High school: Java and python coding, robotics, algebra, pre-calculus and trigonometry
  • College: Computer science, Java, python, C++, robotics, mechatronics, algebra, pre-calculus, HRI human robots’ interaction, psychology, and wide range of research fields.
  • Pepper as a greeter: The host service allows to develop Pepper chat AI applications using Google DialogFlow.

What can I teach with Pepper robot?

Pepper robot is an extraordinary teaching tool and has a lot of advantages for students and teachers it brings the most advanced humanoid robots to your school and classroom, is guaranteed to generates excitement, and engagement, and leads to a better level of students’ subject’s mastery.

Advantages of using pepper for students:
  • Hands-on experience by connecting theory with practice, there are a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as computer science, mechanics, electronics or control
  • Inspire a high level of motivation & interest for engineer careers. For example: studying control to grasp objects or computing matrix or face detection to get Pepper robot moving<.li>
  • Fostering team work, project management, problem solving and communication skills

Advantages of using pepper for Teachers:
  • Projects or labs-based approach for teaching core subjects: Reading, Writing, Trigonometry, Algebra as well as Robotics and Computer Science
  • Improved achievement & learning effectiveness
  • Increasing female student enrollment and student engagement