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In this page you can access to the curriculum, download the software, find some tutorials and videos for you to start using Dobot Magician Robotic Arm. Enjoy! 

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Dobot Magician User Manual 

Dobot Magician User Manual

Dobot Robot Vision Kit Documents

DobotStudio software for Mac and Windows 

DobotStudio for MAC DobotStudio for Windows

         Dobot API -- Download the different programmable Interfaces that Dobot has. 

Dobot Demo for Android  android_logo_PNG3
Dobot Demo for Arduino  arduino_logo
Dobot Demo for C# C#
Dobot Demo for Java  Java_programming_language_logo.svg
Dobot Demo for MFC MFC Trans
Dobot Demo for Python  2000px-Python-logo-notext.svg-1
Dobot Demo for Qt Qt_logo_2016.svg
Dobot Demo for VB visualbasic-1
Dobot Demo for DLL



       Curriculum by Dobot

0  Dobot Robotic Arm Courses Introduction
1  Dobot Robotic Arm Experience
2  Joystick Control and Domonstration
3  Writing and Painting
4  3D Printing A
5  3D Printing B
6  Graphical Programming
7  Automatical Stamping
8  Dominic Cards Playing
9  Charger Plug in and off   
10  Piano Playing
11  LED Light control 
12  Light Sensor Control 
13  Production line stamping 
14  Production line placement 
15-16 Final Test Dobot Robotic Arm Competition 

Videos- Tutorials 
 Volkswagen uses Dobot Magician in their education production line with Siemens PLC
Dobot Magician- How to Laser Engrave  
Dobot Magician- How to Use Pen to Draw
Dobot Magician- How to Use suction cup
Dobot Magician- Second Development with Arduino Demo
Dobot Magician - Tutorial 3D Printing
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