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How Humanoid Robots Elevate Your Banking Hospitality Service: The Case of Rabobank

Sep 29, 2021 8:00:00 AM

By Riya Tyagi - Softbank Robotics 


Humanoid Robots today are augmenting customer experiences in the banking industry. Receptions in banks being the first touchpoints between the customer and the company make it an important avenue while implementing digitization. To accelerate the digital transformation, the Dutch multinational banking, and financial services company Rabobank decided to deploy Pepper, a humanoid robot to explore the opportunities of robotics in banking. Let’s explore the challenges faced by Rabobank at the reception area!

Challenges faced by Rabobank

Before Pepper’s deployment, Rabobank was looking to remodel its reception services to ensure a smooth welcome and easy access to the building. The challenge lied in queue management and check-in customers seamlessly, especially in these unprecedented times of COVID-19.  To ease the process, 2 Pepper are deployed at the reception for check-in & check-out. With Sparq, who manages the hospitality experience for Rabobank and has expertise in high-end reception services, Pepper reconceptualizes the way customers at the bank are checked in and helped through the appointment thus ensuring pleasant and safe welcoming services. 

Humanoid Robots as a Solution for Receptions in Banks

Sparq strongly believes that an excellent guest journey makes companies more successful. Humanoid Robots like Pepper are indeed a smart solution for digitalization at the receptions. Especially during COVID-19 where banks have heavy safety regulations to prevent the spread of the virus, Pepper comes to the rescue by keeping customers informed about maintaining a 1.5m distance and wearing a mask.  Equipped with a Visitor Management System,  Pepper is also responsible for the smooth check-in of its customers, for which Pepper sends an SMS/Email to the host to inform the host and to reduce any delays in meetings. Pepper also informs the customers about the total waiting time and also asks about their favorite beverage!  Additionally, on every 1st day of the month, Pepper is responsible for checking in and issuing badges for the new hires at Rabobank.  Furthermore humanoid robots due to their social appeal ensure an honest feedback collection from customers.  Unlike the earlier 1-5 star closed feedback, Pepper takes open-ended feedback from all customers ensuring continuous improvement of services at Rabobank. Pepper takes less social space than humans, also allowing customers to give honest feedback after every visit.

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