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How Robots Can Help Your Small Business Compete

Oct 21, 2020 11:19:54 AM

By Kurt Walker 

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There have been plenty of discussions about robots and artificial intelligence taking over people’s jobs for a long time now. However, there’s no denying that robots have significantly changed the game in many industries and have brought about rapid growth such that companies of different sizes (big, small, medium) and across various fields are looking to invest in the use of robots. It’s not hard to see why. Robots have proven from time to be indispensable to the growth of a business. It is especially crucial for small businesses as it helps to boost their productivity, efficiency, speed, and profitability.

Thankfully, manufacturers of robots are also looking to change the direction of their production. They have started considering changing their production and are looking to no focus on building robots for small businesses.

In case you didn’t know, here’s how this can help your small business.

Cut down robot cost

Many small businesses have shunned robot’s use, not because it cants work for them or isn’t useful, but because it is very costly. But what they fail to realize is how much the price of these robots has now fallen. Now, businesses can get a very high-quality robot for a small sum of about $25,000 (for a new robot). So, a used robot will come in at a much lower price than that. The good thing is that we expect this trend to continue as the industry continues to develop. This means that small businesses can now have robots more accessible to them at lower prices. They can automate their tasks and be more efficient without blowing beyond their financial capacity.

Increase in the capabilities of the robots

The most significant advantage for small businesses is cost reduction, as this ensures that they can increase and maximize their profitability. However, knowing that your workers have the type of flexibility they need to pull off their work will always be a plus for business owners. Having workers that are good enough and flexible enough to accomplish several tasks simultaneously is always an advantage for a business, and no one does this better than a bot.

The fact that robot manufacturers are continuing to develop the robots’ assignment service in a way that it can adapt to different industrial tasks is something that’s even more inspiring. For example, one would think that the only thing that an automotive robot can do is assemble, but they can do a lot more than just that. They can also weld, screw-drive materials, handle things, and tend to the machine, among other things. So, even when there is a change in the production design, it is easy to deploy the robots to some other area to remain productive. This is a significant benefit for small businesses, mainly as it helps them deal with labor issues, ensuring they can work faster and more flexibly. This gives these small businesses a real competitive edge in the market.

Upgraded safety measures

The design of many modern robots is such that they can interact with employees. According to EduGeeksClub, this is a lot of difference and comes with much improvement from what we know the traditional robots to be as they caused several injuries to workers and needed caging. Robot manufacturers today have had to include motion sensors, cameras, and high-quality lasers in their robots to reduce the accidents that these robots cause in the workspace. So, there’s much more safety guaranteed with these robots.

It is easy for robots to collaborate with other workers while working within a small setup in producing quality goods. For many industries, this has proven to be an essential key to their productivity. The fact that sanitation and the environments are other vital factors considered during these robots’ production also means that they will not cause any pollution in their work area. All you have is an efficient and relatable robot doing the work for you and ensuring you’re more productive.

Space efficiency

The issue of space is something that many small businesses are yet to tackle, which is one reason why many of these businesses haven’t been able to use robots. Robots usually are giant and take up a lot of space. For a company that already has minimal space, the robot will struggle to fit in. Thankfully, the robot manufacturers, according to a lab report help, are now able to create robots that are very space-effective.

Now, we have different types of robots spanning across various sizes, from small to big and medium. There are customized robots created to suit your process and the size of your space. With this, small businesses are no longer limited by just the floor space’s size and can do more with robots. Getting a small robot only takes up a fraction of the area you have available, so you still have a lot of space to carry out other operations.


There is no denying that the advent of robotics’ evolution has started to transform different industries, from automotive to manufacturing, medicine, health, agriculture, etc. Small businesses in the various sectors are not left out on the use of robots for their growth too. The use of robots in business is now a standard tool to beat competitors and grow faster.


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