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RobotLAB introduces ServeSwift & Robot on Call!

Apr 19, 2024 7:14:14 AM

RobotLAB has innovated two new revolutionary systems for restaurants.

ServeSwift, which allows guests in quick-service restaurants to notify kitchen staff of where they sit, allowing them to send the meal on the robots to the correct destination.


Robot on Call, our fully automated restaurant delivery solution, which allows servers and bussers to summon robots to any given destination from a smartwatch.

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Curious to see how it works? Check out the video below to learn how ServeSwift and Robot on Call work together to boost operations at a large family entertainment center.


“When we do parties we might carry out 7-8 pizzas at a time which takes a lot of staff to do. With robots we can…send a couple of robots at a time and the host never has to leave the party, they can stay there unload the pizza, and keep the party rolling.” – Jim Lewis, Owner

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