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US Based Bear Robotics Invests in M2MTech to Expand its Elevator Delivery Robot Line and Interoperability

Apr 20, 2023 11:34:12 AM

Bear Robotics, a company based in Silicon Valley that specializes in indoor service robots, has announced a strategic investment to support its partner in Korea, M2MTech. The investment will fund M2MTech's IoT convergence systems for smart, predictive elevators. This news comes as Bear Robotics expands its Servi robot line to include Servi Lift, an elevator delivery robot capable of last-mile deliveries inside multi-story buildings. This product will be useful for hotels, senior living communities, hospitals, corporate campuses, and other high-rise properties. According to Bear Robotics CEO John Ha, the investment will "maximize facility efficiencies and minimize user inconvenience."

Bear Robotics has focused on interoperability as a competitive advantage when working with major players in the smart elevator market such as Mitsubishi, KONE, Hyundai, Schindler, OTIS, and TKE. With the rise of urbanization, Bear Robotics believes that the shift towards robot-friendly buildings and enhanced access security will lead to a growth in smart elevators in smart buildings with strong linkages between systems. COO Juan Higueros believes that their collaborative approach will generate more efficient operations for existing customers and create new opportunities for Bear Robotics to be the leading multi-story robot delivery solutions provider.

In 2023, Bear Robotics plans to reserve 100 trials of Servi Lift, with broader rollouts planned worldwide in 2024. Bear Robotics was founded in 2017 and manufactures self-driving indoor robots that help employees with their daily tasks. Their Servi robots have been deployed in North America, Europe, and Asia in hospitality, healthcare, retail, and real estate venues. M2MTech, founded in 2014, has developed an interoperable platform called ELSA, which stands for Elevator Smart Advisor, Elevator Smart Remote Management, and Smart Predictive Maintenance System.

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