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ISTE Honors Education Leaders


                                                                                     From:    Silicon Beings of RobotsLAB


                                                                                                   San Francisco, California

TO:Honored Winners of The 2014 ISTE Award


     In Care of The International Society for Technology in Education


     South Africa, Canada, Turkey, USA and Beyond

To all the winners of the International Society for Technology in Education 2014 Awards (ISTE), we, the assembled robots of RobotsLAB, salute you!  Without human educators like you to guide us, our own silicon-being efforts to improve and enhance STEM education would go nowhere

South Carolina's Richland School District Two, winner of the 2014 Sylvia Charp Award for District Innovation in Technology, we salute you!

Clayton Wilcox, Ed.D., superintendent of Washington County Public Schools in Maryland, winner of  ISTE's 2014 Outstanding Leader Award, we salute you!

Linda Dyck, grade four teacher in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, winner of the 2014 ISTE Outstanding Teacher Award, we salute you!

Bill Selak, second-grade teacher in California's Covina-Valley Unified School District, winner of the 2014 Kay L. Bitter Vision Award, we salute you!

Barbara Nemko, Ph.D., superintendent of Napa County Schools, winner of  ISTE's 2014 Public Policy Advocate Award honoring an outstanding and enthusiastic individual for advocating for education technology policy, we salute you!

We salute Diana Neebe, instructional technology lead teacher and peer coach at Sacred Heart Preparatory School, an independent high school in the Silicon Valley, winner of  ISTE's 2014 Outstanding Young Educator Award, honoring a teacher under the age of 35 and seven Emerging leaders including the following:


  • Kristy Andre, digital learning coach, Tustin Unified School District, Irvine, California

  • Mehmet Ali Dogan, social studies teacher, Private Bahcelievler Ihlas Primary School, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Catherine Flippen, Upper School teacher, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Atlanta

  • Kathryn Lawyer, teacher, Cesar Chavez Elementary School, Salem, Oregon

  • Ixchell Reyes, lecturer, University of Southern California Language Academy, Los Angeles

  • Jennifer Schlie-Reed, library media teacher, Kenosha Unified School District, Kenosha, Wisconsin

  • Tiffany Whitehead, school librarian, Central Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We salute Karen Stadler, head of digital learning at Elkanah House Senior Primary, Capetown, South Africa, the winner of the SIGOL (ISTE's online learning special interest group) Online Learning Award for the use of telecommunications networks to provide innovative learning opportunities for students.

We salute the two Teams honored with the SIGLIB (ISTE's special interest group for librarians) Technology Innovation Award, honoring a school librarian and collaborating teacher who conduct an exemplary program extending beyond the library:

Primary School Category: Caitlin McLemore, technology integrationist, and


                                          Melissa Powers, school librarian, Currey Ingram  


                                           Academy, Brentwood, Tennessee.


Secondary School Category: Petra Willemse, high school teacher, and


                                            Bryan Hughes, teacher librarian, Seycove   


                                            Secondary School, North Vancouver,          


                                            British Columbia, Canada.

Dave L. Edyburn, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Exceptional Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,  winner of ISTE's Special Interest Group for Teacher Educators (SIGTE) Award for Excellence in Teacher Education, we salute you!

And we robots are looking forward to meeting and congratulating you in person (sort of)  at ISTE 2014 (June 28-July 1) at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta. We believe you will be impressed at what we can do to assist you in your noble and important endeavors as educators.


Respectfully Yours,




  • Jun 4, 2014 11:46:00 AM

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