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Know how to use Dash and Dot in class- Technologically enhanced learning!

Technology has gripped every aspect of our lives. From the start of the day to the finish we rely on technology to make things easier, more convenient, do things faster and communicate at a global level. Undoubtedly, the use and need of technology is growing with each passing day. And why not? After all, evolution is all about improving quality of life and raising the bar of living standards. That said, the future generations, the children of today, need to be adept at using and improvising technology and technological tools. It is becoming increasingly important to give an educational atmosphere to children that uses advanced technology.

Children are intrigued and fascinated by everything and anything around them. Anything can be used as a tool to educate children. Imagine the reaction and response of children if you use robots to educate them! Robots or robotic devices like Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop can help facilitate the atmosphere of learning for children to an advanced level. With the power to capture a child’s attention and give wings to imagination Dash and Dot are definitely the new ways of imparting quality education to children. Additionally, these can be used for children at various ages. While programming and coding is being included in the syllabus for young children in various countries, it is also important to add something more creative.

Dash and Dot are interactive robots that can be used in classes. Through different coding you can change the way these robots interact with the children. These work with various applications that can be downloaded for specific devices. EdTech or education with technology has raised the standard of education with Dash and Dot. Various programming buttons and options can help you change settings of these robots and make them well adapted to specific lessons and classes. As mentioned earlier, the various applications have varying coding options. You can choose the application and coding option based on your exact need. In fact, children as young as 3 can use the coding with Dash and Dot. Children today are fast at acquiring technology; blending technology with education, EdTech, is a definite path to great learning! Dash and Dot focus on the idea of self learning and exploration with effective interaction.

  • Oct 18, 2015 8:51:32 PM

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