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Why introducing robotics for computer science education?
Robotics is one of the fastest growing industries.
The advanced technology is being used in automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, health care and many other industries.
For example, the self-driving car from Google in Palo Alto is practically a robot, the new all-electric Tesla automobiles are being made primarily by robots in Fremont, California.
Robots are used now by Amazon for organizing shipments of merchandise, and by Hospitals for sensitive medical operations and even drugs, food and laundry delivery, all made by Californian companies such as Adept from Pleasanton.
Robots are often used in situations like rescue and bomb removal operations to avoid human casualties.
Researches show that the robotics industry by 2020, the year our students will graduate, will represent 10s of millions of jobs in the US alone.
To secure the competitive advantage of California and the US in this revolution, we need programmers.  
Robots, after all, are just computers.
Computers that can move, act, sense even think but they all must be programmed!  
It is crucial to train the workforce of tomorrow, our current students, to be proficient in computer sciences and robotics.
We want to ensure they will have the proper skills. 
Robots are an effective expression of ICT by converging hardware, software and networking with applications to solve problems. 
Knowing how to program is a pathway to a job and college.
What we are offering - Robotic Idol Program:
Aldebaran Robotics and RobotsLAB have recently created a new and one of its kind curricular program to teach computer sciences using NAO, while engaging students: Robotic Idol.
In the heavily discounted program, students are programming the NAO robot to dance while demonstrating multidisciplinary skills, such as: computer science (Programming), physics (balance, vectors and momentum), networking (remote controlling and audio/video streaming) and performing arts (dance choreography and music).
Robotic Idol is a computer science curricular program that includes the equipment, professional development, summer camp and a competition.
Students are working together in teams over the course of a few months to develop three dance behaviors for NAO robot.
Students have all the necessary tools to program, develop, and enhance their code to make NAO dance.
During a one-day tournament, teams will have their own robot perform to a musical routine potentially be selected by the judges and become the winner of Robotic Idol.
The objective of the competition is to enhance ICT education, especially computer science by bringing theory to life, while having fun. By combining art and sciences one of the goals of the program is also to attract young women to ICT. 
Aldebaran Robotics, RobotsLAB and NAO:
Aldebaran Robotics is the worldwide leader in humanoid robotics.
Started in 2005, the company is designing and providing robotics platform for the academic community.
It is the manufacturer of the NAO robot which has now a community of  thousands of universities and schools worldwide. 
RobotsLAB, a fast growing, San Francisco based company, has a unique expertise in developing educational content, and delivering Professional Development using state-of-the-art robots, including the NAO robot.
Their team of professors, engineers and teachers has designed the RobotsLAB BOX, an innovative robot-based teaching-aid tool for Math and Science classrooms.
RobotsLAB is a member of the TechSF Program by the City & County of San Francisco, the Office of Economic & Workforce Development, and offering mentoring internships and career opportunities to graduates.
During the many years partnership, Aldebaran Robotics and RobotsLAB have worked together to offer the NAO robot to countless US Academic schools universities and research centers, as a tool to teach Computer Science.
Selected by CMU as the best educational robot in 2012, NAO has: 25 Axis, wide verity of sensors and actuators, and is fully-programmable.  
A complete software kit allowing beginners and advanced users to program the robot using: a user friendly drag and drop interface, Python, C, C++, .Net, Java, Matlab and other popular languages…
NAO is versatile and can be used to cover a wide range of subjects.
Basically, every type of skills and knowledge that we'll need for future jobs are teachable with NAO.
Moreover, its adorable humanoid shape makes it easy to be adopted by students.
Its unique combination of so many sensors, actuators, open programming environment, and design make NAO the perfect platform to prepare students to embrace the future.
NAO Robotic Idol

Few links: 

Robotic Idol : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj82C4octwk  and http://www.roboticidol.com/

Aldebaran Robotics : www.aldebaran-robotics.com

RobotsLAB: www.robotslab.com

For more information, please contact RobotsLAB: (415)702-3033

NAO robot robotic idol

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