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7 Proofs That Chatbots Are A Great Necessity for Small Businesses

Oct 26, 2020 8:00:00 AM

By Donna James

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Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots are one of the most efficient methods of keeping customers satisfied. These tools help keep communication channels open between customers and the business while maintaining a great customer journey by instantaneous responses. 

There are many more benefits to understanding chatbots and implementing them to your business website and social media platforms. What are those benefits? Here are seven proofs that chatbots are a great necessity for small businesses.

Continual availability

Just imagine the profits you would make if your business was open for business 24/7 all year round. There's a lot of financial gains that might be derived from this continual availability because it can help an eCommerce business sell beyond its borders regardless of time zone barriers. 

Continual availability can help customers get instantaneous answers to questions even at awkward times, like at night and midnight. That also indicates the flexibility of the business and how it puts customers first even when it means inconvenience for the company. Also, customer service employees do not have to work night shifts because AI chatbots can handle common queries. 


Complex functionalities

Chatbots do not only answer questions that in the frequently asked questions list with preprogrammed answers. Instead, a chatbot can benefit a business by more complex functionalities that drive more sales and enhance consumer satisfaction. 

Machine Learning chatbots with natural language processing technology can handle a bit more complex question conversationally. 

IT experts say that you can use specialized chatbots with features such as reserving a table and booking a session on direct messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and others. There is a lot that can be accomplished using chatbots apart from just simply answering preprogrammed questions. It can simplify a business's systems for both the customer and the business owner.


Cost savvy for small businesses

Small businesses generally have one problem in common. They are - working on a limited budget and trying to get the best out of the little they have. A small business might not have the financial capability of hiring a large workforce to manage its direct messaging apps. Not having enough hands on deck can create a bottleneck for the business because it would take hours or even days for customers to get a response.

The IT team at twiftnews tried this on their site and according to them, it makes customers feel unimportant and disregarded and to avoid this, a small business can make use of a chatbot. Using a chatbot can minimize the number of employees needed to monitor communication from direct messaging platforms. Using chatbots can help small businesses save considerable amounts of cash from being reinvested in the business. 


Great for CRM

As a small business owner, you can integrate your chatbot with the CRM system you're using to manage customer relationships. 

Implementing a chatbot system will make customers more satisfied with the business and reflect positive results on the CRM tool. There will be fewer complaints about long response periods because of the instantaneous replies that contribute to greater customer experience. 

Gauging your business performance will be much easier with chatbots because you can see what kind of messages are being processed by the program. If complaints supersede questions and commendations, you might need to isolate and fix it before it affects the profitability of the business.


Useful data at your disposal

There is a lot of useful data that small businesses can gather from chatbots, such as convenient times to send marketing-related messages and customer preferences. 

All of this data can be gathered and stored for future marketing campaigns for their success and efficiency. You do not need to look too far when looking for this data because it can be collected using the chatbot you're using. 

Such readily available information can boost the marketing campaigns initiated by the business. Using chatbots in this manner will undoubtedly help reach the hearts of your targeted audience much better with greater efficacy. A small business can truly benefit from this strategy because it saves costs in a highly effective way.


Reduces customer service and sales mistakes

Human beings are imperfect creatures and might make mistakes when interacting with customers. Not to mention that people are affected by emotion most of the time. If a customer makes a derogatory comment, the employee might take it to heart and, in turn, retaliate. That retaliation would be detrimental to the business and might lead to losing customers and subsequently, revenue. 

There are other mistakes that people might do, which can cause a loss of customers and revenue. To reduce those errors, you can use chatbots and increase the chances of making more revenue. Minimizing errors can do a lot of good to a small business because it can propel growth and enhance profitability.  You can check these 8 Customer Service Mistakes That Can Severely Harm Your Business visual guide that details the consequences

of poor customer service, mistakes to avoid, and how to improve your service process.



Indicates tech-savvy mindset

A business should maintain a professional reputation for its customers and peers in the industry. That means it should manifest that it belongs in the current digitally-driven business world. Adopting chatbots can help make your business build a reputation as a tech-savvy company with a futuristic outlook.  

Customers will perceive the business as relevant and feel more comfortable with spending money on it. Other peers in the industry might feel much more at ease with collaborating with you and that can unlock a lot of business potential. 

Regardless of who recognizes your use of chatbots, it might reap great results and make the business much more profitable than it would have been. 


Final thoughts 

Chatbots are much more than just systems of automatically answering generic questions. Instead, you can use it to gather data about customers for enhanced customer service and marketing campaigns. Also, using chatbots can reduce sales and customer service errors. 

Chatbots are not influenced by emotion but offer good customer services regardless of how they respond. Lastly, chatbots are great for boosting the business's reputation amongst customers and other peers in the industry. That makes it easier for businesses to increase their revenue and be exposed to various opportunities.

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