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7 Ways to Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Oct 27, 2020 8:00:00 AM

By Jennifer Sanders

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According to Wikipedia, bots are software applications running automated tasks on the web. However, we have seen bots evolve in recent years, and they are now able to execute countless tasks across different industries. We have seen various industries use bots for different things, from the manufacturing industry to healthcare, construction, finance, commerce, etc.

Whether you know this or not, everyone uses bots as consumers. You might not know this, but when you check your bank balance, order food online, or patronize online stores, you’re using bots.

As bots continue to evolve and are becoming more advanced, brands now realize their potential and are using it for their business growth. A typical example of this is marketing chatbots, which brands use to cut down on their advertising cost and time in promoting and selling their products and getting feedback. It is very cheap and easy to set up bots, which is another significant advantage.

The use of bots as a part of a company’s digital marketing strategy is now a trend. However, not all businesses have jumped on this trend. If you’re looking to be a part of this, here are a few ways to include bots in your digital marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Customized advertising

Customers see promotional emails as nuisances (because they are) and these become deterrent for the brand. However, with the use of bots, you can quickly solve this problem. You can offer the customer personalized offerings by studying their interactions on different channels and increasing your brand’s impact. 1-800 Flowers and eBay are some of the brands that adopted this system early, but now IBM Watson and many other brands have joined in. IBM Watson empowers retailers and marketers to improve their customer services by providing a cloud-based digital marketing platform and easily integrates with other applications and customer data sources.

Soliciting post-purchase reviews

Getting your audience to interact with you is one of the best ways to nurture them. However, it can be challenging to interact with some of your audiences, and it might require a lot more effort than you can give or might have time to put in. An excellent way to engage your audience is with product reviews. It is a well-known fact that it is good for your business that you have good product reviews. However, getting your customers to write an assessment can be difficult. That is why you need bots. You can engage your customers in a conversation about writing a review after purchasing your product with bots.

24/7 customer service

Like people requiring term paper help, customers sometimes engage your brand to ask some questions for clarity about your product and services as a brand. It will help if you are on deck to answer these queries if you want to keep their audience and remain competitive in the marketplace. However, it can be tiring when you have to answer the same questions from different customers day after day. In this case, you can take advantage of the bot’s ability to perform repetitive tasks while other humans attend to weightier matters. The need to respond to some of these queries quickly is another reason why bots are essential as they don’t need 8 hours of daily sleep. So, you’re able to respond to your audience at any time of the day.

Lead management

Lead management is usually a source of headaches for many brands. A good lead will be worth your time and effort in nurturing them; however, it can also be very tiring. With bots and its behavior scoring, you can easily understand prospects’ behavior, which ensures that you can pursue high-quality leads at the appropriate time. You can program your bot with some set of questions that help discover a customer’s position within the sales funnel. The bot does the main work of finding quality leads, and the sales reps can work on closing the deal.

Personalized customer experience

It is uncommon for customers to go straight for what they want and buy. In most cases, customers look around a store (online or physical) before deciding what they want to buy. There might be a sales associate in the physical store that convinces them and helps them decide what to buy, but this is impossible in an online store. Only a bot can do this job, in this case.

According to Saul Heyman, who provides proofreading for college paper reviews, bots are critical to providing a personalized shopping experience. This is because it can serve different people at the same time. You can then use data gotten from these interactions to profile the customers further when they return to buy again.

Automating transactions

Voice assistants and messaging platforms are capable of revolutionizing digital marketing strategies. Facebook messenger bots, for instance, are an exciting way to interact with your customers, and it’s one of the best. eBay, in 2016, integrated Messenger into its strategy to increase its customer reach. Other technologies and voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and the likes are now in use and could transform shopping experiences. They are designed to understand customers’ intention in asking questions, their words, and context while also using their chat history to make informed guesses.

Risk anticipation

It is important to note that your bot is the first point of contact with your brand and could form first impressions. So, if it isn’t going through, you might end up losing money, customers, time, and brand loyalty as well. You have to be able to manage expectations and take risks as well. It is crucial for your brand that you can deliver on all the promises that you make.


Bots are now an essential part of digital marketing strategy, and there are different ways for you to incorporate bots in your plan if you haven’t started already. This article already shows seven ways to use bots, so the problem is not how to use the bots but your willingness to use it to promote your business.

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