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Automation in Robotics is Reforming Upcoming Mobile Apps

Aug 30, 2021 8:00:00 AM

By Ibrahim Ismail

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These days, more than half of the world's population carry smartphones in their pocket. Undoubtedly, these smartphones are the central part of our lives now. Smartphones come with numerous apps that can perform almost anything virtually. You already know the vantages of the apps and how you appreciate them. However, let alone being amused by these apps, today, using these apps can even help us do the most challenging job instantly. Custom Mobile application development companies build apps to fascinate users and grow their business quickly.

Moreover, mobile apps are getting smarter day after day. Not to mention the development in the technologies-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning proves to set solid settlements in automating these apps to the next level. Furthermore, robotic automation embedded in apps can automize almost all of our errands and carry them out promptly and vigorously. Imagine the earlier days about the time and struggle you yielded to get a simple thing done. But now, with the help of these automated apps, we can even get a more complicated task done with little or no effort.

Meanwhile, more and more impending mobile apps seem to be shifting increasingly towards automation. Intelligent Chatbots embedded with AI (Artificial Intelligence) oriented algorithms facilitate mobile apps with the advanced impact of automation for apps usability and enhance user experience.


App-based Automation

However, app-driver automation has come out as a driving factor undertaking mobile app strategy; hence, this article helps you intuitively perceive the niche of app-driven automation.

Chatbots have gained tremendous popularity in establishing their roots in major instant messaging apps. That includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, iMessage, Slack, and many others. Not to mention, many enterprises use these messaging platforms to stay connected with their customers through these AI-based automated Chatbots. It can also assist enterprises in dealing with customers at any time of the day, thus enhancing customer engagement and rising company worth. Moreover, Chatbots are integrated with these prominent messaging apps to address customer inquiries in an automated style. A more appealing aspect is that these Chatbot offer accessibility 24/7. Thus, reducing the cost to a large extent.

In addition, it's expected that in 5 years, the Chatbot market on a worldwide scale to increase to a sum of $1.23 billion. By the time we reach 2025, imagine what Chatbot has to offer then. Surprised? You should be. On the other hand, a vastly growing number of companies are adopting Chatbot Solutions to upsurge consumer engagements.

Also, technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) play a significant role in promoting Chatbots. AI and ML are the reason behind Chatbot thruput creating it more efficient for conversational purposes for business communication. Additionally, AI has delivered abundant innovative features to boost technical courses. AI is also being well-regarded and highly used by colossal world companies such as Amazon and Facebook. These giant companies use AI to identify user intent and recommend a solution accordingly and instantly.

Mobile App Automation

Today, Mobile app automation tends to be one of the top growing trends. Similarly, it appeared as a massive break for businesses to develop automated apps. To efficiently evaluate automation's stretch and impact, we need to captivate our attention by observing few recent trends.

Let's observe some of the main trends in mobile app automation briefly:

  • Various old-style job roles involving repetitive tasks will undeniably end, and automation tools will take them over.
  • Mobile apps will be embedded with automation. And will be utilized via the internet of things and via the linked ecosystem of gadgets, sensors, and applications.
  • The newest data-driven analytics, AI-powered algorithms, and Machine Learning models will leverage mobile app automation across enterprises.
  • Customer services will be based upon intelligent Chatbot communication. Moreover, almost every industry and business will depend upon swift customer service with the help of Chatbots.
  • Enterprises and startups will play in a level field due to mobile app automation.
  • Real-time analytics and remote monitoring will aid customer service via intelligent chatbots.

The Skill Gap

Considering automation has proven to be the driving force to convert numerous companies, the shortfall in the skilled workforce and the skill gap has ascended the main points for most enterprises. Further, who are naive about opting for automation to their business. Countless small enterprises are still running over old IT hardware and their workforce, who often stays at the receiving end ignorant about the latest skills; thus, fulfilling this gap will face a massive barrier to the extensive adoption of automation.

Although external solutions are arranged to use services, SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions gather more significance and eminence by adopting automation and the newest tools available. However, small enterprises and startups demonstrate inefficiency in adopting automation due to the skill gap discussed above. And also, insufficient funds will encourage enterprises to opt for the use of box solutions such as PaaS and SaaS, which are, by the way, more valuable and practical. More importantly, cloud-based platforms and the adoption of automation tools will play a vital role in the future. Even more than now!

To sum up, robotic automation in mobile apps is unquestionably fashioning the world into smartness and effortlessness. We think now the mobile apps are smart and getting smarter, although mobile app automation is in a nascent position. In comparison, apps are dynamically mounting up to the top. And believe me, when it reaches the top, it'll still be growing. Because seemingly there is no end in technological advancement, especially – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, etc. If you want to build your smart app integrated with advanced technologies, then get support from mobile application development in west palm beach.

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