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The 10 Coolest Things a Business Robot Can Do for Businesses

Jun 23, 2022 8:00:00 AM

By Evelyn Long

Pepper receptionist

Robots have become ever-more-useful in the business sector as technology evolves, and now they are cutting costs and impressing customers in industries as diverse as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Robots constantly surprise people with their advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that keeps presenting new and improved features. So if you’re ready to learn more, check out the following coolest things a robot might be able to do for your company — by the industry.


1. Learning Tools

Education has seen a lot of change over the past few years, and as we think through how to make technology work for children and teachers, robots can help in fun, surprising ways.

Robots are being incorporated into the teaching spectrum with features that can give feedback to students. They are knowledgeable in subjects like language, science, and math. Research shows that robots are likely to be used as learning tools in the classroom to aid teachers with lessons.

Pepper is a perfect example of the utility robots can have for educators and administrators. Pepper is capable of helping students learn more about computer science, mechanics and electronics, and the academic edition can enable her to help teach core subjects such as reading and algebra with a projects- or lab-based approach.


2. Programmable Functions

Robots have sensors and cameras that enable them to sense movement and pedestrians. They are capable of precision and monotonous tasks. They need some guidance from employees to perform tasks but are efficient in completing them.

Employers can utilize robots to cut operating costs since they require little control from workers to complete a task. Robotics increase productivity in manufacturing by being programmed for different tasks with different functions.

Assistive Technology

3. Nursing Homes & Care Centers

Robots certainly have a place in healthcare, and for workers and residents in assisted living facilities, they can help keep information organized. Robots in these settings can transcribe and store information, making record-keeping easier for doctors, nurses and other staff.

Want something even more impressive? Delivery robots even take care of tasks like meal delivery. Delivery bots have made a splash in healthcare settings by helping transport food and medicine without adding to workers’ duties.

4. Office Robots

These assistive technologies are helpful for nearly any business. Robots can make the most incredible personal assistants for office workers and managers. Post a robot in the lobby to interact with customers and answer questions, have them help employees with scheduling or policy questions or have them keep track of office management needs.

When you’re thinking about designing an office to impress, this is the way to go. A robotic personal assistant would be a perfect way to customize your office space and upgrade your calendar. They can set timers, deliver reminders, and answer the phone. They can also respond to your text messages and emails.

Health Care

5. Surgical Assistants

Robots in the health care field have become so advanced that they provide therapy for patients. Some robots are being developed so they can provide comfort with microphones, sensors, and cameras to patients with mental illnesses.

Another function for medical care is exoskeloton robots helping with operations. Researchers can develop medical robots that mimic surgeons’ hand gestures for precision in minimally invasive procedures. Robot-assisted surgery is an exciting field for technology enthusiasts and healthcare professionals alike.

6. Lab Work

We’ve already covered assistive technology and surgical applications. But wait, there’s more! Multiple types of robotics are helpful in the health care industry, and researchers are working on ways for them to help with everything from transport vehicles to blood-drawing for lab work.

The latter isn’t in action yet, as it still needs development and funding. But one biomedical engineering lab has been working on robotic technology that can help with the common medical procedure, which could help hospitals and doctors offices with accuracy and reliability.

Food Industry

7. Preparing Food

Preparing food is another cool feature robots are capable of. Robotic chefs can now cook an entire meal and plate it up. This could be beneficial in the food industry by cutting costs associated with labor. A robot can’t taste the food and come up with a masterpiece as an award-winning chef could, but it can follow directions and assist chefs and kitchen workers everywhere.

Don’t trust robots to make food for your restaurant or hospitality space? Don’t worry, robots can still help businesses in the food industry thrive. Delivery bots can help create a cool, automated experience for diners while reducing the workload of human servers.


8. Computer Protection

It makes sense that robots can detect cyberattacks since computers are a type of artificial intelligence. Their ability to monitor patterns and data inputs is proving consequential. They can backtrack through security incidents to find the cause and recognize a prevention technique for future incidents.

With cyberattacks increasing exponentially in the past few years, this advanced artificial intelligence is proving useful. This would be very beneficial for businesses that rely on computers for daily functions and workflows.

Human Interaction

9. Workplace Safety

If you have dangerous tasks at your company, why not put a robot in that position rather than an employee? If a robot gets damaged, you can get it repaired. If an employee gets hurt, that’s a different story.

Robots are equipped with the ability to perform these tasks, so why not let them eliminate the risks of your employees getting hurt? Robots have speed and consistent precision, and they rarely make mistakes. They are there to help, not hinder or replace.

10. Collaborative Features

Some robots sport features that can interact with other humans, as mentioned above. These robots can be used for a variety of businesses in different sectors. These “cobots” are mainly used for stocking purposes or tasks that require sterile hands.

The Coolest Things Robots Can Do For Businesses

The robotics industry just keeps evolving and advancing. Robotics are increasingly efficient and helpful in a multitude of tasks. They aren’t here to take over, but they can assist and encourage us to do the best jobs we can.

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Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated and a writer with experience covering green technology and construction for publishers like NCCER and BUILD.

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