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R-Zero UV Disinfection Solution (Hospitality)

R-Zero UV Disinfection Solution (Hospitality)

Robots for Disinfection

R-Zero disinfection solution is the most powerful and cost-efficient UV-C disinfection solution that destroys over 99.99% of pathogens and has up to 109% more germ-killing (COVID-19). The solution is 153% more effective than manual disinfection and is designed to drive higher ROI for your organization. 

The solution includes:

  • One UV disinfection solution
  • Power Supply
  • RobotLAB Training 
  • User Manual

Price: $28,000

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  • Main Features

    Mobile solution for disinfection

  • Dimensions

    Height: 78"  - Base 24" x 24"  Weight: 75lbs 

  • Electrical

    Input Voltage 120V AC -  Current 12A - Total power consumption: 1,440W - Power connection: Standard 3 prong wall outlet. 

  • What’s in the box?

    1 UV solution,  1 Power supply 1 User Manual, warranty

  • Mobile / stationary

    Mobile robot

  • Autonomy

    Needs human positioning. Disinfection is done autonomously



A new standard for disinfection 

R-Zero UV-C top detail r-zero arc pictured in a lobby rzero uvc close up of handle detail


UV-C disinfection is recommended by the CDC. It is more effective than manual disinfection, which misses more than half of the surfaces. R-Zero Arc emits up to 109% more germ-killing radiation


R-Zero solutions deliver proven > 200% ROI by lowering disinfection costs, reducing sick days, and enabling seamless integration with existing workflows.



We design with the end-user in mind. The user-friendly Arc interface includes just 4 buttons - easier to use than a microwave.

photo of water droplet to show concept of sustainable earth on the grass man holding a mobile device looking at r-zero metrics customer_support_banner


R-Zero prioritizes the environment with our sustainable UV technology that minimizes waste and chemical use.


Our IoT platform, R-Zero Connect, provides process visibility so you know your spaces are clinically clean.


At R-Zero we empower our customers to credibly communicate the extra care they are taking to make spaces safe.




Highly Effective

UV-C technology disinfects everything the light touches, including floors, ceilings, walls, furniture, and even air. Arc is proven to destroy 99.99% of the surface and airborne pathogens with hospital-grade efficacy.



Delivers > 200% ROI in a reduction in sick days

R-Zero Solutions reduce risk of 7.7 sick days to 1.5 sick days based on infection risk.


Environmentally-friendly UV-C reduces chemical consumption and exposure. It is safe to use around food surfaces, electronics, furniture, and more, leaving spaces immediately safe for use upon cycle completion.

Easy to Manage

With built-in LTE connectivity, Arc generates real-time usage data and reporting that ensures compliance with protocols and provides reassurance for space occupants.


R-zero-no lights


360° Infrared Motions Sensors

Four long-range sensors prevent operation if they detect any movement in the room.

Powerful Light Array

8 maximum output lamps deliver 360°of  hospital-grade UV-C radiation. The bulbs have a lifetime of 16,000 hours.

Control  Panel

Intuitive controls enable users to simply set the timer and leave. Dual handles provide superior mobility.

Aluminum Reflector Mast

Specialized UV-C reflective coating for intense, uniform light distribution.


Large locking casters provide a solid base and ultimate maneuverability.


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R-Zero UV Disinfection Solution (Hospitality)

Robots for Disinfection

Price: $28,000

Starting from*


R-Zero UV Disinfection Solution (Hospitality)

Robots for Disinfection

Price: $28,000

Starting from*