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Transform Your Business with LG Robots and RobotLAB: Premium Quality and Exceptional Integration Services


We take pride in being the sole provider of LG robots, offering our customers a unique combination of exceptional products and world-class support. Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their needs and customize our solutions, ensuring seamless integration, smooth operation, and maximum efficiency.

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Transform Your Business with LG CLOi ServeBot and GuideBot: Deliver, Guide, and Boost Your Brand

LG CLOi ServeBot and GuideBot are the perfect additions to your business. With the ability to navigate crowded spaces, and the highest degree of spatial awareness. The LG CLOi line is by far the latest and greatest in service robot technology. Not only does it boast an easy user interface, but the branding and customization options are also endless. Integrate LG CLOi robots into your elevators and automatic doors for multi-floor and long-distance deliveries and guidance.

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ServeBot: The Autonomous Bussing Robot That Delivers More Than Just Plates

ServeBot is the world's First UL Certified Guide bot. That mean’s its safety rating is up to par for anywhere on Earth. ServeBot Is an autonomous bussing robot that can bring plates to tables, mail to residents, and much more.

Key Features
  • Carries up to 66lbs
  • Can run for 11 hours on a single charge
  • Worlds first service robot to receive UL certification
  • Interacts with a friendly face and comfortable cartoon expressions
  • Do you have questions? We have answers.
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GuideBot: Your Business's Perfect Companion for Guiding, Entertaining, and Securing Your Guests

GuideBot is the name-brand all-in-one guide, host, and entertainment robot perfect for any business with guests. Guidebot’s unique functions like image capture, song singing, security monitoring, guidance, and advertising space make it the perfect host companion for any location.

Key Features
  • Dedicated CMS for easy updates of menu items, services, and other       information.
  • obstacle recognition, avoidance, and real-time route planning.
  • Time and Location-Based Advertising
  • Security Patrolling Monitoring
  • Multi-Language Support

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