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Autonomous Car Infrared Reset Instruction

Have you found that your car’s autonomous drive mode has started working strangely? Does the car move erratically, seeming to respond to invisible obstacles, or exclusively move backward?

We have a simple solution for you!

Reset the IR Sensors

1. Access the menu by holding the car upright until it shows the "M" on the LED screen. 

If you’d like an example of this process, please refer to:

2. Choose menu option “5”: Correct Sensor Data

3. Choose submenu option "c" to reset the IR sensor value

4. You will see the Autonomous Car count to 10, then it will be reset

5. Choose submenu option "g" to exit

Check the IR Sensors

1. Now (if you haven’t already) connect your car to Bluetooth and open the Orchestra program.

2. Open the Monitor

Autonomous car_IR sensor_image 1

3. Make sure that the IR sensor values are all close to 0, as shown here:

Autonomous car_IR sensor_image 2
You’re all done!

Be sure to do this reset every 2-3 months to ensure the sensors stay calibrated.

  • Aug 20, 2018 3:53:01 PM