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Dobot Discovery: removing attachments safely

One of the advantages of Dobot over other robotic arms is the diverse array of attachments that come included in the system. This robot can manipulate objects with a gripper or suction cup,  draw beautiful designs with robotic precision, 3D print, and even laser engrave! Best of all, switching between the functionalities is as simple as replacing the end attachment.

Dobot pen heart drawing

But don’t forget! The Dobot Magician has an internal computer, and just like your laptop, it doesn’t respond well when you suddenly unplug devices.

 Dobot removing attachment safely 1-1

Dobot removing attachment safely 2-1

Always power off Dobot before changing an accessory (1), wifi module (2), or USB-Host module (3). It may take a moment longer, but your Dobot will thank you!



 removing attachments safely 3


Dobot removing attachment safely 4-1


Dobot removing attachment safely 5-1

  • Jul 18, 2018 4:07:26 PM