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How to Home my Dobot?

If you have used a Dobot robotic arm, it is likely that you have “homed” your Dobot before. Here’s a quick reminder of how it works:

Look to the top right corner of DobotStudio, and click the “Home” button to home your Dobot.

Home my dobot pic

NOTE: Make sure your workspace is totally clear when you home the robot


Why to Home

Why bother to do this? Seems like a meaningless chore you’d be fine to skip (especially if you have a messy desk like me), but it’s not!

Homing your Dobot serves a very important purpose.

It allows Dobot to reset to it’s “home” or default position, and keep consistent coordinates. That way when you run the program you wrote, Dobot moves to the same place every time.

If you don’t home your Dobot, it can cause problems.

A Dobot that hasn’t been homed recently will start to stray from it’s intended coordinate system. This causes any programs that use coordinates to dictate Dobot movement to stop working properly. You will know this has happened when your Dobot starts trying to pick up an object a centimeter away from the location you specified.

Some users (myself included) have even experienced runtime errors warning of “” when Dobot hasn’t been homed recently.

For best results, Home your Dobot every time you start working!

  • Aug 2, 2018 11:44:12 AM