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5 Tips to introduce students to 3D printing

3D printing is the new dimension to technology and with uprising and futuristic technology it is necessary that the students are guided to make use of it. 3D printing is one of the technologies that can open up the new dimensions of learning. Sometimes, thing are too fragile to be handled, these can be printed in 3D form and can be understood in better understanding and without any fear of them being broken down or ruined especially rock structures, fossils and microorganisms that are difficult to study under microscope can now be studied in magnified form. When introducing 3D printing to students, teachers should keep in mind these five tips that will make it easy for them to teach.

1.     Let students handle the printer

It is very important that you let the students handle the printer; unless they use the equipment themselves they will not be able to learn it properly. It is very important that the students understand the complete mechanism of it. Access to technology and use of it makes the person perfectionist and same goes for the 3D printer.

2.     After school clubs for learning 3D printing

Some students have been seen showing more interest in learning about 3D printing. Well, for those it would be a great initiative if teachers arrange for the after school clubs. Teachers are there for guiding the students and those who are deeply interested in it will be able to bring stability and precision in the work they do. 

3.     Let the students tinker and learn on their own

Teaching students the mechanism of 3D printing and then guiding them where they get stuck is the duty of teacher. But it is very important to give the student a free hand to work on their piece and also incorporating their ideas. Sometimes teachers get to see the things that they haven’t tried before and this way a mutual relation of learning and teaching is strengthened too.

4.     Fear of grades may ruin their performance

3D printing is new technology and also a form of new art that if graded may bring down the morale of the student. It is better if the students are given a free space to actually work and bring forth their effort. Their work may be small but the interest they developed and the will to work on more complicated projects will play role in their better and improved learning.

5.     Let the students use their imagination

3D printing is something where you can use your imagination. Projects done through this technology require you to use your imagination and attain the things in reality that were once just a 2D picture. Students when given a free hand with the proper guidance they invent things that are indescribably out of the world and as we know, imagination knows no bounds.

3D printing has opened doors to revolutionary art and it should be encouraged for students to learn it and make use of it in different ways.

  • Nov 15, 2015 12:36:41 AM

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