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What is it Like Working for a Robotics Company?

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When we first started at RobotLAB, we had no idea what it would be like working with a company of robots, technology, and education. During these past six months, we have experienced many situations that have truly transformed our perspective of our work and our personal lives. Here are our experiences and challenges:

My name is Danat. I am 22 years old and I am from Kazakhstan in Central Asia. It has been eight months since I started working with RobotLAB. My first impression was Wow, this is awesome”. The most striking thing to me was this idea of introducing a new way of learning through robots.

One of our main objectives is to provide teachers with tools that will allow them to keep their students engaged and interested in learning. So, we developed a tool called EngageK12. It is a new online learning management platform that uses robots to bring lessons to life and engage the students.

EngageK12 brings about new insights and dimensions in class discussions. Students can put theory into practice to create deeper levels of understanding. As a web developer, my job is to help build this platform. I create simulations in a 3D environment with robots. And then I connect those simulations to real robots. This work gives students an opportunity to manipulate real robots through the web, based on their calculations and other input data.

I am motivated and inspired by the fact that thousands of people will have an opportunity to use this platform to teach STEM classes. RobotLAB works towards making a difference in education and technology fields worldwide. Being a part of it is a truly unique experience.


My name is Maria Alejandra Calcetero. I am 22 years old and am from Colombia, Bogotá. I have worked at RobotLAB for six months now, and my experiences have been surprising in some ways.

When I was offered the position in Marketing and Communications with an EdTech company that is committed to transforming the education sector using technology and innovative robots, the idea sounded very challenging. However, I was ready and prepared to work with the company for several reasons. First, I like the education sector, and after researching the company, I felt passionate about all the great work they were doing., Second, when I arrived at the office in San Francisco, California, I realized that everyone in the company shares this passion for robots and education!

My experience in the Marketing and Communications department has been very gratifying from the beginning. I have learned about robots. And I have watched as learning facilitators give students opportunities to learn in different, entertaining, and fun ways. This is something that I never experienced at my school! It is new, fun, and extraordinary! 

This company and so many others are working hard to implement new solutions for students. They want to encourage them to work in STEM fields and bring lessons alive with Virtual Reality. They want to teach them how to code and how to program with robots. They also recognize that the teachers need to feel comfortable teaching these kinds of topics. And they work to help the teachers with this, which is freaking awesome! So, the message was clear and I grew passionate about sharing with the world these incredible tools.

The results so far are astounding. It's rewarding when the students say: “I love it” or “I learned something new”, or even “This is awesome”. And when the teachers say things like “Wow! The kids are going to love it” and “This is a great learning tool”, etc.… these results make this experience so rewarding!

I feel proud when I see how people react to the modern technology and innovative tools that our company provides. It is a great feeling to receive support from companies that want to be involved in this change. I love being a part of a company that is making a difference worldwide. Every day it transforms my experience. And every day I want to create an even bigger impact.

Therefore, we invite you to check the products at RobotLAB. Discover all the incredible resources that this company has for students and teachers. And be a part of the change too. You can help transform the way of learning!


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Posted by: Maria Alejandra Calcetero, Danat Bekzhassarov

  • Aug 2, 2017 3:41:43 PM

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