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RobotLAB won a 5 years contract with TIPS!

RobotLAB is proud to announce that TIPS  has awarded us a five-year contract number 210101 As of May 14th, 2021. We are on their contractors' list, which provides discounted products to schools! The contract is for five years, ending in May 2026. 


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It's Coffee Time and this Dobot Magician Robotic Arm can Serve You One!

Dobot Robotic Arm-Coffe Shop

The yummy Future Robot Café, unlike other regular coffee shops, is a University startup founded by two master's graduate students in engineering. The robotic arm and the coffee machinery are located inside a wheeled white cube protected by  glass. The curious students and customers come closer to pay for their coffee and to see the robotic arm on a sliding rail carry their cup, fill it in with their beverage selection and bring it out to them.

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11 Characteristics of an Engaging STEM Classroom

If you’re a new STEM teacher you may be wondering: “What should my STEM class look like? What should my students be doing?”  If you’re a veteran STEM teacher perhaps you are asking yourself: “How are my STEM classes coming along? What does an action-packed STEM class look like?”


Take a look at 11 things that may be going on in class during a STEM project.  Keep in mind that all of these things won’t be happening at the same time. Over the course of the STEM project, however, here’s a sampling of things you should notice. And if you see these activities underway . . . Newsflash!  You might have a STEM classroom!

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How to Get Your Kids Interested in STEM (Without Forcing It on Them)

Hopefully your kids are getting a great education in science, technology, engineering, and math at school, but chances are those classes aren’t enough to instill a lifelong interest in these fields for most kids. As parents, however, there are a lot of easy ways we foster a greater love of learning and exploration in STEM subjects in our children.

STEM image

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7 Everyday Tasks Brought to You By Code

Long before the Internet of Things began exploring a computerized world with app-controlled home thermostats, lights, and security, computers changed the way we live. Did you know that these 7 everyday tasks are only possible because of computer code?


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Robots: Learning companions for our children

When you were a child, did you ever dream of having an imaginary buddy to help you with your schoolwork? What has long been the stuff of science fiction may soon become a reality. With the progress that has been made in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the idea that every child could have a personal robot tutor is no longer so outlandish, and some schools and countries have already introduced robots into the classroom. What role can AI play in education, and what promises and challenges does it entail?


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5 Ways to Help Students Work Through Math Anxiety

Math anxiety can range from general discomfort and mental disorganization to feelings of panic and physical nervousness. For many students, math anxiety turns into a cycle of failure because the more worried they become, the less they learn. There are several techniques and activities, however, that you can use to help your students overcome math anxiety.

Math Anxiety

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Why Teachers Should Embrace Technology In Their Classrooms

Teachers have a lot on their plate when it comes to measuring achievement. Student success is determined by assessments, graded materials and even technological savvy. The consensus seems to be that to give K-12 students a fighting chance in the real world, teachers and administrators must stay on top of any and all technology trends. While it’s impossible to use every piece of technology to the students’ advantage, there are some legitimate reasons (aside from the cool factor) that teachers should embrace technology in their classrooms.

Technology 1

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How Early Should Kids Begin STEM Education?

Current research results are in favor of early childhood experiences for students, especially those who are disadvantaged. This education is the great equalizer because it provides a rich, common foundation for children who may have diverse backgrounds and experiences.


So what does that mean?

Students are capable of learning far more than you think they can. Most teachers will tell you that children will rise up to the standard you set, so you may as well elevate the bar for learning.

And that brings us to STEM education in early childhood. That’s right – early childhood is the perfect time to begin science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instruction.

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Goooal! These are the RoboCup Humanoid League Winners!

Robotics teams and experts competed on Sydney for the RoboCup 2019, aiming to claim the World Champion title.

Two local universities came out with first place honours, University of Sydney (USYD) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in the Soccer Simulation 2D League and the Social Robot Standard Platform League, respectively.


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