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Smart Friday with RobotLAB- The ripple effect of a teacher: How far does it reach?

During this special Teacher Appreciation Week we want to share the amazing ripple effect of a teacher! Check the video below It’s a quick one (less than three minutes). It shows how far teachers' impact might be reaching! 


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Smart Friday with RobotLAB- 10 reasons to use Virtual Reality in the Classroom!

Virtual reality offers the opportunity to step into places, roles, and experiences that were previously impossible, or at the very least, inaccessible to most, specially for education. 

Check these 10 reasons to use Virtual Reality In the classroom to help bring the world (and beyond) to your students with technology! 

VR Kid

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Feature a Teacher: Virtual Reality as the Perfect Educational Guide traveler

Lori Thomson is a District Media Specialist at StreetBoro City Schools, She has been using the RobotLAB VR Kit   with her students since 2018. This is her story! 

20190308_091920 20190306_132404

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Smart Friday with RobotLAB- Fun Facts about Bones and Joints!

Wow the human body is incredible! Check out these fun facts about bones and joints 


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Designing a Robotics Class for High School Students!

In today's technological world, it is more important than ever to prepare our students with the right tools for their future. Teaching robotics lessons to students in school can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers, and more productive members of society. How do you start implementing these lessons for your high school students?

High School

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Designing a Robotics Class for Middle School Students!

The truth is that jobs will be transformed in future. Applicants with robotics literacy and strong tech skills will have a significant advantage when applying for jobs across virtually all industries. School districts are already implementing a STEM curriculum that will help their students be part of that reality. As a middle school teacher how are you applying these concepts in your lessons?  


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Designing a Robotics Class for Elementary Students!

Much has been said about the importance of implementing new STEM technologies from an early age to fulfill different academic purposes for students and develop their future skills. But do you involve these new technologies in a elementary class lesson?


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Smart Friday with RobotLAB- Learn these Geometry Fun Facts!

Check out these fun geometry facts for kids. Learn about circles, squares, triangles, spheres, cubes and many other interesting shapes! 


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Amazon Packages On Time Thanks to Robots!

Meet the robots that help get your Amazon Packages on time! 

Up close with the robots that run Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

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5 Tips for Successful Grant Writing

Grant writing is challenging, but it can be a very effective way to bring new learning tools into your classroom or school. How to become an amazing grant writer?  Here are 5 tips that can help you get started!

Grant Writing

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