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7 Tech Tools for Your Math Class

Did you like math when you were growing up?

A lot of you probably didn’t, right? Well, then it comes as no surprise that some of your students may not be so passionate about math as well right?

Kids nowadays are attracted by technology which makes sense as a lot of them are gaining access to it making it easier to keep them focused on math through technology. This is a great time for you as a teacher to incorporate the popularity and convenience of technology into your classroom to interest your students and keep them interested. You can keep them interested in math with fun games, apps, online math tools, and websites to enrich your math classroom teaching experience.


Here are7 virtual tools that can promote your student engagement and increase their academic success:

1. Sum Dog

Sum Dog is an app that is an evidence based digital learning tool that will keep your students engaged in interactive mathematical activities. It is designed to adapt to lessons to meet each of your student’s individual needs as well as generating reports that assess their understanding of the subjects.

Your students can use Sum Dog to practice what they have on their own after a small lesson. You can use the assessment reports for guidance and teach according to each student’s individual understanding.

2. Globaloria

Globaloria is where both students and teachers can use math and STEM knowledge to create online educational games. These games can then be shared with your students through an online social networking community. If any of your students don’t know how to create the game then they can simply login and play others that have already been created.

 3. Nearpod

Nearpod allows you to create and share your interactive multimedia presentations in 1-to-1 device classrooms. The lessons are taught around a presentation platform but Nearpod is designed to incorporate interactive elements like questions, responses, polls and the ability to draw on the screen and a lot more. Another great feature of Nearpod is that they have a great library of lessons that have already been created by other teachers who also use Nearpod.

4. Base Ten Blocks App 

Base Ten Blocks is a free app that gives all your students who have an iPad a limitless amount of base ten blocks at their fingertips. Whether they are learning basic place value, learning how to add decimals or exploring expanded notation. Base Ten Blocks allows your students to write on their iPad screens as well as involving them by allowing them to move the virtual base.

5. Engage! K-12

This a hands-on learning tool which is interactive and organized by accessible themes. You and your students can access this browser based learning ecosystem from any device. K-12 allows you to make your lessons lively with virtual or physical robots.

K-12 is designed to focus on subjects that your students tend to struggle with and you can search for them via grade level.

 6. Desmos

Desmos is a graphing calculator which is available to millions of students all over the world at no cost. You can also create activities on top of the calculator which helps your students better understand math. The Activity Builder feature was created to help you create digital math activities for your students.

 7. Academy of Math

Academy of Math is a learning tool that helps students get better results if they are struggling with math. Educational videos and assessment tools let your students be in charge of their own education and you can also implement the resources on this platform for their teaching.

By harnessing technology into your math lessons, you can get better results with a format that your students actually enjoy. All of the above educational tools will help your students better understand math as well as helping them realize the importance of math in their lives.


Dana photo.jpg About Author: Making education simple and easy to comprehend is Dana Jandhyala’s forte. She’s had a long career as an educator where she has taught in several different schools and institutes in multiple countries. Today, she helps students with personalized online tutorials by MySchoolPage that help make concepts easy to understand, making learning fast and fun. She writes to help students study better, and to coach parents so they can facilitate the success of their children. 

  • Nov 20, 2017 4:02:52 PM

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