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The educational technology (#edtech) industry is booming, but how do you know what technologies are good and which are subpar? Once a month we feature a piece of technology from an outside company that is making life easier for teachers. This month we are focusing on an app that makes scoring multiple choice exams easier, using any smart device with a camera.

About the App:

The bubblesheet app from MasteryConnect allows you to scan in and score your multiple choice bubble sheets using your tablet, smartphone or webcam. First take a blank Mastery Connects bubblesheet app user interface for teachers grading quizzess. answer sheet and create a key. Then enter your answer key into the app by either scanning it or uploading it as a document (word, pdf, etc.). Continue scanning your students answer sheets until the entire pile has been captured. After you’ve done that, you can either enter the information into your gradebook manually, or export it if you have the paid version of the app, which creates a much cleaner, organized work area. 


The free version of the app lets you grade up to 10 questions at a time, track how well a student is performing and share your assessments with other teachers all of which can be done online. The paid version, which is $159, can grade quizzes with up to 100 questions, lets you export scores to any student information service (SIS) and create reports for students and parents. 

Why RobotsLAB Loves it:

Bubblesheet is a great way to save time. The user interface is simple enough that anyone can use it no matter their technical prowess. Teachers are able to use smart technology they (hopefully) already own to grade student’s work and examine trends or holes in student’s understanding.  Streamlining grading for a more organized, integrated, a simplified work-life and storing scores on the app, in the school’s SIS and in your gradebook. Simply put- you won’t have to stay late to grade quizzes anymore.

Have an app you love using in your classroom? Nominate it by tweeting to @theRobotsLAB using hastag #RLapp4edu


Photos courtesy of: http://www.bubblescore.com

  • Aug 16, 2013 2:30:00 PM

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