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Career Technical Education and Manufacturing course with Robotic Arm on Engage!K12

Check the course Career Technical Education and Manufacturing with Dobot Robotic Arm and learn about every manufacturing process with robots. 

CTE stands for career technical education, and it's a path to career readiness for
students right out of high school, RobotLAB creates several courses in CTE that are companions to your existing CTE curriculum and allow you to engage your students and help them learn more manufacturing concepts.

So our manufacturing course called CTE manufacturing with robotic arm explore safety protocols, manufacturing concepts,  process optimization and data analysis.

Let's take a look at one of the classes.

So, this is lesson three Laser safety  Starts by talking about different laser engraving uses in industry, in the class view we watch a video about how lasers work.

So next, in the next section, they're going to learn about the laser on their Dobot robotic arm specifically. And they're going to learn about the different levels of radiation that different lasers give off, like, for example, the difference between this laser that will burn and engrave on paper and leather and a laser pointer that won't burn through anything, but could potentially hurt your eye and even all the way up to class for be lasers that are really dangerous.

So, in their prototyping challenge, they learn all the safety measures that they need to go through to use a laser properly and successfully and then they get to laser engrave their own item to take home.

From there, they go to the reflect section where they answer several questions about the lesson that they just learned. They answer questions about vocabulary, like what does a laser stand for, but also things that they'd like to do in the future and
ways that they felt like they did well in the lesson and places where they'd like to improve. 

If you'd like to see hundreds more lessons for the Dobot robotic arm and all of our other robots visit Engage!K12 

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